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Only until March 31!

More ticket types will be available from April onwards

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Info Tickets

  • The ticket bought in pre-sale will be sent by e-mail: you can print it or save it on your mobile device and show it at the ticket office, with a valid document (ID, Passport…)
  • The ticket is nominal: To purchase the ticket you will need your personal data.
  • The festival TICKET OFFICE will open on August 15 at 12:00 noon. It will remain open every day between 13:00h and 4:00h, except on August 15, when it will remain open for 24 hours straight
  • The 1 day tickets for the festival can be bought each day from 13:00.
  • Tickets for the festival and the campsite can also be purchased at the ticket office.

Ticket refund:

  • The cancellation of just one event will not give the right to a ticket refund. The refund for the daily ticket (no 7 day passes or mini-passes) is allowed only if all the shows of the day are cancelled.
  • Early bird tickets are not refundable, and are transferable only by exchanging the name.The ticket is transferable to third parties only by changing the name through our on-line name change service*.

Procedure to change the name:

  1. Click on this link to change the name on your ticket.
  2. Access with the locator of your ticket and the email of the festivalgoer.
  3. Select the option “Name change”.
  4. Select the first and last name of the new festivalgoer.
  5. Insert your card details and finalize the payment*.

* To avoid the resale of tickets the cost of this change is 10€ in case your ticket has the same current cost. If the price of the ticket has increased, the cost to pay is 10€ plus the difference with the current price.

Add complements

If you already have your ticket you can access the Buyer’s Portal with your email and locator and add at any time the complements you need (Glamping, Parcels, cashless recharges,…). It is also the place to make a name change or check your entry information.

Confiscation of the ticket and festival expulsion:

The organization reserves a right to confiscate the ticket (no refund) and to expel from the festival, any person responsible for unsuited acts according to a respect based logic (robbery in the tents, damage to property, drug dealing, violence, etc..).

  • Free admission for minors under 13 years of age on the day the festival begins. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or have a written permission signed by their parents or guardians.
  • Free admission for pensioners: adults who have reached the age of 65 on the day the festival begins.
  • Free admission for disabled people affected by severe motor deficits (over 65% disability,
    which must be proven with a certificate), for the blind, deaf and for those people with severe
    mental disabilities. Free entry is also provided for one helper, if needed. The helper will receive just one bracelet, which will not be transferable and will be allowed to stay inside the Festival venue for as long as the aided person is there.
  • Discount for people residents in Benicassim: Tickets are on sale at a special price only for people registered as residents in Benicassim. Each applicant must provide at the accreditation area of the festival a certificate of registration in the municipal census for at least one year -since August 2022- and the ID card. The presentation of both documents is mandatory
    in order to obtain the wristband for access to the concert venue. You can buy your ticket in advance here.
  • All children under 16 must always be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.
  • Minors between 16 and 18 years old who want access to the festival alone must have a permission slip signed by their parents or legal guardians.

Minors permission:

Download the appropriate authorization and present it at the festival Ticket Office:

Minors <16 | Minors 16-18

  • The campsite is reserved exclusively for festival visitors: it is mandatory to have a festival ticket to be able to purchase a campsite ticket.
  • The tickt for the Camping allows to get to the “Campsite Area” and to use all the services (toilets, showers, etc..).
  • Festents offers you the possibility of having your tent set up and waiting for you on your arrival, you can consult prices and make reservations via their website.
  • The Entrance Ticket to the festival and the Camping area will also be available at the Festival Ticket Office.
  • Leave your dog at home. We advise that you do NOT bring your dog to Sunsplash as access to both the festival area and all the town’s beaches is not allowed. The only ones who can access the site will be small dogs (up to 8kg in weight).
  • We also do not allow the entry of breeds considered to be dangerous, such as: Akita, Rottweiler, Pit Bull, Doberman, Napolitan Mastiff, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, French Mastiff, Bullmastiff, Staffordshire, Canarian Molloser and Fila Brasileiro.

Assistance dogs:

Assistance dogs Dogs trained to assist people with disabilities related to sight, hearing or reduced mobility are permitted entry to the festival. Also allowed to enter are dogs trained to assist people with different pathologies such as diabetes, breathing problems, autism, etc. Those people who wish to enter the festival with a dog of this kind must present the animal’s relevant documentation that certifies their training, as well as the need for its presence.

  • The CAMPING will open its doors on august 15 at 13:00h and will close on august 23 at 16:00h
  • The festival TICKET OFFICE will open on August 15 at 12:00 noon. They will remain open every day between 13:00h and 4:00h, except on August 15 and 16, when they will remain open 24 hours straight.
  • The ACCREDITATION OFFICE (where you can exchange your ticket for the festival wristband) will be open from August 14th, from 12:00h until 20:00h. On August 15 and August 16 this box office will be open from 10:00h until 02:00h. From August 17th until the end of the Festival, the Accreditation Box Office will be open from 13:00h until 02:00h.
  • The VENUE will be open every day between 14:00 and 06:00.

See our FAQ section to see your most frequently asked questions, probably the answer you are looking for is there.

Discount for unemployed people from Castellón: on Monda, August 22, from 4 pm to midnight, unemployed people from the province of Castellón will be able to access the venue and enjoy the concerts and activities of the festival for only 10€. To benefit from this discount will have to present at the box office the ID card and the updated certificate of the Servef as a job seeker (not the Darde).