Rototom Sunsplash wants to be a festival free of aggression, intolerance and violence, whatever the reason that provokes these attitudes, including those that appeal to gender issues.

ten rules 
are our contribution to deal with these behaviours:
ten rules

are our contribution to deal with these behaviours:

1. The promotion of peace and equality between people, as well as respect for human rights, is part of the philosophy of Rototom Sunsplash and the public that visits us every year. Apply them

2. The festival is a space for fun. Have fun, without interfering with the enjoyment of others.

3. At Rototom, we practice the motto: “Live and let live”.

4. Let empathy roll: put yourself in the other person’s place and think before acting in a way that may have consequences that you would not like to feel yourself.

5. Respect the decisions, limits and space of others.

6. Listen to who you have next to you. Ask questions. Do not interpret or presuppose.

7. We are free: when it comes to dressing, dancing, moving, interacting … And that freedom does not give any right to or validates any argument that degrades, violates or attacks anyone’s rights.

8. Do not close your eyes: if you witness offensive comments, insults or ridicule towards a person or group, if you witness a situation of harassment or abuse of power towards someone as well as demeaning attitudes, inform our security personnel. Make an official complaint.

9. Your sexual desire is your responsibility. You have no right to impose it on anyone. Remember: ‘No, is no’.

10. Come home with a smile: having lived a great experience in our festival. Help everyone come back with that same feeling of happiness.

Peace Culture