We feel committed. From the very beginning, more than 25 years ago now, we have been committed to working with certain values and the people who promote or should promote these values, as well as those citizen organizations and groups that work to make them a reality.

More than 50 entities dealing with peace, human and civil rights, fair trade, anti-prohibition, the environment, reggae and Rastafarian culture participate each year in the Rototom Sunsplash. They do so with their stands during the festival, their talks in the Social Forum or the Reggae University and their workshops held in the different cultural areas.

Without solidarity among people, we cannot make advancements in human rights nor can we advance towards the better world that we all long for. That is why we say solidarity is essential.

We collaborate with associations by directly supporting their actions

Projects in which we have collaborated:


Banco de alimentos Castellón

We have renewed our collaboration with the Banco de Alimentos de Castellón through the organisation FoodRation4All and its projectNadie sin su ración diaria’ (No one without their daily ration).‘. The public was able to make their contributions through two fixed totems in the concert venue and the campsite, and a third mobile one. By means of a QR code, attendees were able to find out about the campaign and make a donation via POS, while also seeing the symbolic value of the donation.

Grup de Suport L’Aurora

Through the sale of works from the Social Art Gallery, we raised 800€ to be donated to the Grup de Suport L’Aurora de Burriana (Castellón), an organization dedicated to cooperation with NGOs that rescue lives in the Mediterranean.

Asociación Conquistando Escalones and CASDA

Thanks to our community we have raised €6,014 through the reusable cup system. The money has been donated to the Conquistando Escalones Association (ACE) – founded by people affected by 1F-D2 Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy, caused by a mutation that makes them immune to HIV – together with CASDA (Citizens’ Association against AIDS in Castelló).

Mediterranean SUP Action

We supported both financially and in terms of dissemination the Mediterranean Sup Action initiative,a journey by Enrico Grossi who paddle surfed the entire coast of the Valencian Community – more than 400 kmin 10 days. The aim was to raise awareness about the attention and care we should pay to the sea, raising funds for the non-profit association BIOagradables in Valencia, which organises awareness-raising and environmental education activities in schools in the Valencian Community.

Accem Castelló


In the middle of the social and health crisis, we delivered a thousand FFP2 masks and 500 visors to the NGO Accem in Castelló, thanks to the donation of our friends from Glamping. Accem works to improve the quality of life of refugees, migrants and more vulnerable groups.

Asociación Líbero


In 2019 we also support the Asociación Líbero of Malaga who care for the seed bank, donated by Semillas Madre Tierra in 2015 to Rototom. They along with members of the Southeast Permaculture Network take care of and reproduce this seed collection so that it continues to expand every year.



The Animal Protection Association ProGat is another of the entities to which we have directed our social action in 2019. The contribution will be used to maintain veterinary and health services to support the animals rescued by the protectorate.



Accem in Castellón is an NGO that dedicates its efforts to improve the living conditions of refugees, immigrants and at people at risk of social exclusion. Our contribution will be used to maintain and improve their support and reception services.



After our 26th edition, we returned to support the Association of Sclerosis Multiple in Castellón (AEMC) in maintaining its transport service adapted to people with neurodegenerative diseases.

Hahatay is laughter from Gandiol


In 2019, we contributed our grain of sand to sustain the Taaru Gandiol Festival, organized by the NGO HA HA TAY Son risas de Gandiol (Senegal), a non-profit association that works in development cooperation between Senegal and Spain.



The Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB) is the agglutination of and a national reference for the indigenous movement in Brazil, born with the purpose of strengthening and unifying the struggles of the autoctonous peoples. Our contribution of € 8,500 in 2019 was dedicated to the maintenance of its activities in defense of the rights of their people and the Amazon rain forest.



Greenpeace is one of the most important environmental NGOs in the world. With its Spanish section we have started a close collaboration thanks to which, in 2019, a solidarity campaign was developed, promoted during our 26th edition. The glasses donated by our public will help Greenpeace to continue fighting for our planet.

Peace Culture