We feel committed. From the very beginning, more than 25 years ago now, we have been committed to working with certain values and the people who promote or should promote these values, as well as those citizen organizations and groups that work to make them a reality.

Free accreditations donations

In the 2024 edition of Rototom Sunsplash the festival will allocate to a social project the 10 € previously donated to obtain a free pass for children under 13 years old, people over 65 and people with disabilities (over 65%).

The public included in these three groups may choose one of the following NGOs to which to direct their contribution: COCEMFE Castelló, L’AURORA-Grup de Suport, Asociación Provincial de Alzheimer Castelló-AFA Castelló and Fundación ANAR.

This is the work carried out by each of the entities and the solidarity projects that will be financed through this new collaboration with Rototom Sunsplash:

AFA Castelló, together with the Salomé Moliner Foundation, has been providing specialized care for people affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias throughout the province of Castellón since 1996. It has a network of day centers and centers for the promotion of personal autonomy to improve the quality of life of patients and families.

Solidarity project: #LaFurgodeLaPineda

The collaboration of Rototom Sunsplash with AFA Castelló aims to obtain resources for the purchase of a van adapted to move from their homes and to the Day Center La Pineda de Castelló to the users. Facilitating physical access to this resource is a key to democratizing the service, favoring the reconciliation of families and optimizing the therapies performed at the center.

L’Aurora Grup de Suport has been cooperating for more than three years with NGOs rescuing lives in the Mediterranean, providing support from land – from the solidarity ports of Borriana, Benicarló, Vinaròs and Sagunt – to humanitarian rescue boats so that they can continue saving lives at sea.

Solidarity project: L’Aurora Sicilia

The entity’s objective for 2024 is to replicate its action in support of the humanitarian civilian rescue fleet in Italian ports, specifically on the island of Sicily.

COCEMFE Castellón has 35 years of experience providing professional and personalized attention to people with physical and organic disabilities and their family network in the province. A pioneer in adapted transport and with a benchmark early care service, the organization’s mission goes beyond basic assistance through a team of 50 professionals who offer comprehensive support, guidance and advice to users and families. The challenge is to improve the quality of life and defend the fundamental rights of the group, promote their integration, provide innovative and rehabilitative treatments and be the strong voice that supports inclusion in all areas of life.

Solidarity project: adapted van

The collaboration between COCEMFE Castelló and Rototom Sunsplash will contribute to the acquisition of a new adapted van for the progressive renewal of the organization’s adapted transport fleet. This service, pioneer and unique in Spain, aims to transport users, through established routes, from their homes to their work or training centers, day and rehabilitation or treatment centers, as well as to facilitate travel to cover specific daily procedures (medical or administrative appointments, etc.).

The ANAR Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated since 1970 to the promotion and defense of the rights of children and adolescents in situations of risk and neglect through the development of projects, both in Spain and Latin America, within the framework of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Solidarity project: Telephone/Chat ANAR to help children and adolescents at risk in the Valencian Community.

The funds obtained through the collaboration of Rototom Sunsplash and the Valencian delegation of ANAR will go to the program ‘Phone/Chat ANAR to help children and adolescents at risk in the Valencian Community’. The objective is to provide children and adolescents with a safe and confidential space where they feel listened to and respected, and where they can freely express what is happening to them in order to find alternatives to their problems together.

More than 50 entities dealing with peace, human and civil rights, fair trade, anti-prohibition, the environment, reggae and Rastafarian culture participate each year in the Rototom Sunsplash. They do so with their stands during the festival, their talks in the Social Forum or the Reggae University and their workshops held in the different cultural areas.

Without solidarity among people, we cannot make advancements in human rights nor can we advance towards the better world that we all long for. That is why we say solidarity is essential.

We collaborate with associations by directly supporting their actions

Projects in which we have collaborated:


Grup de Suport l’Aurora

Our 2023 solidarity campaign channelled through the reusable cup system has raised 18,900 euros, destined for L’Aurora Grup de Suport de Burriana (Castellón de la Plana), an organisation that has been cooperating for more than three years with NGOs that rescue lives in the Mediterranean. The money raised will go to two projects: the Eulàlia-Rescue Rhib training boat and L’Aurora-Sicily, which will replicate the NGO’s work in Italian ports.

Banco de alimentos de Castellón

In the 28th edition of Rototom Sunsplash we have once again given our support to the Banco de alimentos de Castellón, through collaboration with the M21 Foundation. His team has been in charge of spreading the word about the project among the public and facilitating the collaboration channels through the totems installed in the venue. Thanks to this system, the public was able to make their own direct donation to the organisation. An initiative that has been completed by allocating part of the proceeds from the festival’s system of reusable cups, in collaboration with L’Aurora Grup de Suport de Burriana (Castellón de la Plana).

Banco de alimentos Castellón

We have renewed our collaboration with the Banco de Alimentos de Castellón through the organisation FoodRation4All and its projectNadie sin su ración diaria’ (No one without their daily ration).‘. The public was able to make their contributions through two fixed totems in the concert venue and the campsite, and a third mobile one. By means of a QR code, attendees were able to find out about the campaign and make a donation via POS, while also seeing the symbolic value of the donation.

Grup de Suport L’Aurora

Through the sale of works from the Social Art Gallery, we raised 800€ to be donated to the Grup de Suport L’Aurora de Burriana (Castellón), an organization dedicated to cooperation with NGOs that rescue lives in the Mediterranean.

Asociación Conquistando Escalones and CASDA

Thanks to our community we have raised €6,014 through the reusable cup system. The money has been donated to the Conquistando Escalones Association (ACE) – founded by people affected by 1F-D2 Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy, caused by a mutation that makes them immune to HIV – together with CASDA (Citizens’ Association against AIDS in Castelló).

Mediterranean SUP Action

We supported both financially and in terms of dissemination the Mediterranean Sup Action initiative, Enrico Grossi’s crossing of the entire coast of the Valencian Community in paddle surf ing – more than 400 km – in 10 days. The objective was to raise awareness about the attention and care that we must pay to the sea, raising funds for the non-profit association BIOagradables of Valencia, which organizes awareness and environmental education activities in schools in the Valencian Community.

Accem Castelló

In the middle of the social and health crisis, we delivered a thousand FFP2 masks and 500 visors to the NGO Accem in Castelló, thanks to the donation of our friends from Glamping. Accem works to improve the quality of life of refugees, migrants and more vulnerable groups.

Asociación Líbero

In 2019 we also support the Asociación Líbero of Malaga who care for the seed bank, donated by Semillas Madre Tierra in 2015 to Rototom. They along with members of the Southeast Permaculture Network take care of and reproduce this seed collection so that it continues to expand every year.


The Animal Protection Association ProGat is another of the entities to which we have directed our social action in 2019. The contribution will be used to maintain veterinary and health services to support the animals rescued by the protectorate.


Accem in Castellón is an NGO that dedicates its efforts to improve the living conditions of refugees, immigrants and at people at risk of social exclusion. Our contribution will be used to maintain and improve their support and reception services.


After our 26th edition, we returned to support the Association of Sclerosis Multiple in Castellón (AEMC) in maintaining its transport service adapted to people with neurodegenerative diseases.

Hahatay is laughter from Gandiol

In 2019, we contributed our grain of sand to sustain the Taaru Gandiol Festival, organized by the NGO HA HA TAY Son risas de Gandiol (Senegal), a non-profit association that works in development cooperation between Senegal and Spain.

Peace Culture