Peace Culture

The promotion of peace, equality, human rights and social justice has always been key to our way of understanding, not only the festival, but life itself.

In addition to promoting music in its different forms, throughout our history we have made a special effort to raise awareness about the values that enables a society to advance in the most just and equitable way possible.We do so by building within the small micro cosmos, that the festival venue becomes each year during the Rototom Sunsplash, a different place where Another World really is Possible.

Over the years we have, to the best of our ability, developed all kinds of actions to demonstrate that where there is will, new efficient lines of communication can be created and the convergence of different cultures and peoples form around the world, beyond race, religion, borders or physical barriers and ideologies can be achieved. In this regard, we have had the honor to be recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as an Exemplary Event for the decade 2001-2010 for our work promoting Culture of Peace and Nonviolence. In doing so, the UNESCO took into consideration our efforts to promote interculturality and dialogue as a fundamental tool in the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

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All of this has allowed us the grow exponentially and to become one of the international benchmarks as an alternative festival model,of which we are very proud and, moreover, gives us a tremendous sense of responsibility when it comes to our continued commitment to organizing cultural events, in a sustainable manner, in which people of all ages can have the opportunity to share, grow, learn and discover through the workshops, activities, gastronomy, music and cultural debates.

Assistance Center

Now you can consult all your doubts about the festival in the new Assistance Center.