Rototom Campsite

A small city where you will not be left needing anything: Health care store, grocery, bakery, lockers, collective kitchen,…

A peculiar feature of our Festival, according to all those who have lived it, be it as a visitor, guest or staff, is the community that grows between them all. This is something that is felt above all in the campsite, full of opportunities to get to know each other and to share relaxing and fun moments.

The campsite is located about 350m from the entrance of the festival and is divided into 2 adjacent camping areas A and B, accessible from the campsite entrance square. There you will find maps and information about the services and the different areas of the campsite. The friendly Info Point staff members are available 24 hours a day to help. The friendly Info Point staff members are available 24 hours a day to help.

Most of the campsite is prepared with free plots only for tents (no reservation required). Some areas will be dedicated to plots of different sizes that can be booked online together with the Entrance Fee and, as always, an area for Glamping. Equipped campervans and camping vehicles can park in the camper area, located at the bottom of campsite B, which has a separate vehicle access point.

Food and drink

Food, water or drinks in bottles for personal use is permitted. What is not allowed is the preparation and/or selling of food or drink in the campsite. Failure to comply with these norms will result in expulsion.


The two camping areas are equipped with 3 bathrooms each equipped with toilets, sinks, common and private showers, and services for people with disabilities. Please use the facilities properly and inform staff about any problems in these services. Regarding the services for people with disabilities that are for their exclusive use.

Cooking at the campsite

Do you love to cook your food at any time of the day? Every year we equip two tents, one in each camping area with vitro ceramic cookers and sinks for campers to enjoy healthy cooking and fun moments for free. Please use the facilities carefully leaving them clean and report any problems to staff. One of the two kitchens will close from 2:00 to 8:00. More information during the festival.

Stores and services

The market is located in campsite B, where you will find a mini market, camping hardware store, groceries, bakery, pharmacy, hairdresser and other such things, while in both camping areas A and B, you will find a cafe, drinking water dispensers and locker service and mobile recharge service.


A limited number of plots will be available for sale for those who purchase a season ticket (minimum 2 days) and wish to reserve a delimited space to set up their own tent. These pitches are shaded and are grouped in different categories, close to the main camping services.

Plots are purchased during the ticket purchase process (they can also be added later by logging into the ticketing system with e-mail and locator).

Even if you reserve a plot, to access the campsite you must have added the “camping” add-on to your ticket.


+/- 12m2 plot


+/- 35m2 plot


for +7people
+/- 50m2 plot


forfamiliesof 2 or more persons
Camping in tent or camper
Restricted access
+/- 25m2 plot


forcamperand similar vehicles
New: Camper Zone for Families
Electricity (optional)
Dedicated entrance
+/- 20-35m2 plot

Reduced Mobility

forpeoplewith reduced mobility
Camping in tent or camper
Next to the campground entrance
Restricted access
+/- 25m2 plot

Glamping Area

Furthermore, you can also enjoy the Rototom Sunsplash without having to scrimp on comfort thanks to who offer you a tent rental service that allows you to have your tent already set up and comfortably equipped waiting for you when you get to the festival.

Campsite services

Drinking water
Free drinking water fountains and microfiltered cold water points
Drinking water
Showers and bathrooms
220 open showers, 40 private showers, 155 toilets and 100 hand-washing sinks
Showers and bathrooms
Equipped with glass-ceramic hobs and sinks
Info point open 24 hours a day
Reserve space for your tribe
Bread, sandwiches, pastries...
Fresh local products
Restaurant and Bar
24 hours a day
Restaurant and Bar
A small supermarket for daily shopping
Camping hardware
Sale of camping equipment
Camping hardware
Medical Assistance
24 hours a day
Medical Assistance
Over-the-counter pharmacy products
Keep your valuables safe
Device recharging
Rental and sale of powerbanks
Device recharging
Adapted Services
We are prepared to serve people with disabilities.
Adapted Services

Info Campsite

  • Campers are many and we all want to camp.
  • In these areas (part of the green and orange areas, camping B, part of the yellow and family areas, all the red area, camping A) it is only possible to camp with tents and vehicles are prohibited.
  • Vehicle access is strictly prohibited. Vehicles equipped for sleeping (motorhomes, caravans, equipped vans) will only be allowed access to the camper area or to the camper families area.
  • The use of disproportionate tents in respect to the number of occupants of same is not permitted. For example, you can’t pitch a tent for 6-8 people, only to be used by 2-3 people.
  • Festival goers should follow the indications of staff to take their space marked in the camping area.
  • “Gazebos”, awnings, tarpaulins, tents or other large items that occupy a disproportionate space are strictly prohibited. In other words, you can pitch your tent etc. on the space that will be assigned by the staff, you can also bring chairs and small tables and put them outside your tent but you cannot take up too much space.
  • The main and secondary roads, the perimeter road and emergency exits must be completely clear for the passage of people and vehicles and/or emergency personnel. This also goes for the emergency exit walkways and/or access to the plots
  • The plots can be booked online together with a festival + camping ticket for a minimum of 2 days and guarantee a free space in the respective area.
  • Only one of the buyers needs to add the reservation of the plot, the others only need a festival ticket + camping.
  • The plots will be assigned in order of arrival by the staff of the campsite, is not possible choose a particular plot before arrival.
  • You can’t reserve space for friends who will arrive at a later time.
  • The minimum stay required is the total of the ticket for the festival less one day, in other words, if you cannot make it for the first day of your reservation we will keep the plot until the next day after which the reservation of the plot will be forfeited.
  • If a reserved plot is vacated before the expiration of the reservation, the organization reserves the right to reoccupy this plot with new customers.
  • With regard to family, medium and group plots, if the minimum number of occupants is not respected, the organization reserves the right to relocate the occupants in another area of more appropriate reserved plots, if available, or in an area of the free plots.
  • The reservation of the plot is not transferable to another owner separately from the festival ticket + camping with which the reservation has been made.
  • Plot reservation is nonrefundable.
  • This is a camping area that is dedicated only to families of 2 or more people. For families, means one or two parents with children.
  • The area is fenced, has a playground and has a secure entry point. The entrance will be regulated with an additional wristband placed by the campsite staff after checking the conditions of admissibility. Surrender, sale or improper using of the bracelet in the family area will result in expulsion from the campsite.
  • Separate camping as “friends” or “family” of a family plot is no permitted.
  • The area is dedicated to the play and rest of children and their families, no annoying, unhealthy, noxious, dangerous or illegal activities are tolerated.
  • The organization reserves the right to expel from the area, or from the campsite if necessary, people who do not respect these conditions or disturb the tranquility of this area.
  • We reserve an area of plots in the camping B entrance for disabled festival goers and their companions and friends, who will also be able to use the services reserved for them and will have access to external services. They will be allowed to park campervans or the like. Contact the organization to reserve a space, for any questions or special needs.
  • We ask all users to respect the exclusive use of the area designated for the use of disabled people and their companions or friends.
  • The organization reserves the right to expel from the area, or camping, people who do not respect these conditions or disturb the peace of this area. Each case will be studied seperately.
  • Electricity service is provided only in the camper area and in the camper area for families and is reserved for vehicles approved to receive it. Under no circumstances will electricity be supplied to tents.
  • Electricity can be booked online with a festival + camping ticket with a minimum of a 2 days ticket You can also buy it on arrival at the Ticket Office at the camper entrance if you have a festival + camping ticket from 1 to 7 days.
  • Due to the large influx of people we cannot guarantee the availability of plots with electricity if purchased on arrival at the camper Ticket Office.
  • The connection of autonomous or illicit electrical panels is strictly prohibited. Campsite technicians will be available upon arrival to help
  • To connect to connect to the mains you will only need a 20-25 m extension cord with a CETAC plug.. If you do not have one, you can rent an extension cord or an adapter at the Camper area ticket office.
  • Inform staff of any problems with your electrical connection.
  • We equip a single area of our campsite for campervans, caravans and vehicles equipped for camping.
  • The plots are about 30-35m2 for medium/large sized or long stay vehicles, and about 20-25m2 small or short stay vehicles.
  • It is possible to book online an electricity service for festival + camping tickets from 2 days on. Only 30-35m2 plots have electricity.
  • The camper area is located after the orange area at the bottom of camping B and has a separate vehicles entrance with a checkpoint, accessible following the indications of the festival for the camper area.
  • The family camper area is located just above the family tent area in campsite A and has a separate vehicle entrance with a checkpoint, accessible by following the Festival signs for the camper area.
  • The organization reserves the right to inspect vehicles to ensure that no prohibited articles or animals enter.
  • The use of gas is strictly reserved for vehicles approved as auto caravans or caravans and that have a kitchen approved for such vehicles. In other cases the bottle will be confiscated by staff and stored properly. Requisitioned bottles may be collected before leaving the campsite.
  • In all cases the use of camping gas or similar is prohibited outdoors in all camping areas.
  • The preparation and sale of food or drink is prohibited throughout the campsite.
  • Please respect the checkpoint staff, as they are working for your safety.
  • Once the control is completed and passed, occupants can park the car in the parking lot and walk to the temporary festival box office to collect or buy their festival + camping tickets.
  • It is sufficient that only one of the occupants reserves online or buys the camper ticket on arrival, the rest only need a festival + camping ticket.
  • The staff will indicate the camper plot for the vehicle.
  • We request that you take the utmost care with the vehicle on the road to reach the assigned plot.
  • The driver of any vehicle entering and parking in the camper area is fully responsible for the movements and manoeuvres of the vehicle and any damage caused by it to other objects or people.
  • Camper and camper family areas are reserved for motorhomes, caravans and vehicles equipped for sleeping and do not have tent-only pitches. One or two small tents will be allowed to be placed beside the vehicle once they do not exceed the perimeter of the allocated plot.
  • The camper plots with or without electricity can be booked online or bought on arrival together with a festival + camping ticket and ensure a free plot in the camper area.
  • Plots with or without electricity will be assigned in order of arrival by the campsite staff, it is not possible to choose a particular plot before arrival.
  • If a plot is vacated before the end of the reservation, the organization reserves the right to reoccupy this plot with new customers.
  • Once the plot is occupied, the vehicle must remain parked for the entire duration of the reservation
  • It is not possible to reserve space for friends who might arrive later.
  • Please respect the trees! It is strictly prohibited to hang ropes, cables or tension wires for your tent or awning by tying them to trees, especially young specimens. They also represent a dangerous obstacle for other campers and compromise the safety of the trails.
  • The campsite staff reserves the right to remove any rope, cable or similar that is considered dangerous to people or trees.
  • The entry of metallic elements and utensils in general that may be considered hazardous is not permitted by the organization.
  • It is strictly forbidden to make fire or use camping gas in the campsite for security reasons and in order to avoid any accident among the campers. Failure to comply with this norm will result in expulsion. Failure to comply with this section shall be grounds for expulsion.
  • Anyone who acts against the spirit of the Festival and normal living standards will automatically be expelled from the campsite and be denied access to the other areas of the Festival.
  • The Organization reserves the right to expel anyone who participates in annoying, unhealthy, noxious, dangerous or illegal activities.
  • Leave your animal at home. We advise you NOT to bring your pet to Rototom Sunsplash. Access to both the festival area and all the town’s beaches is forbidden to animals. The only ones who can access the site will be small dogs (up to 8kg in weight).

  • Assistance dogs Dogs trained to assist people with disabilities related to sight, hearing or reduced mobility are permitted entry to the festival. Also allowed to enter are dogs trained to assist people with different pathologies such as diabetes, breathing problems, autism, etc. Those people who wish to enter the festival with a dog of this kind must present the animal’s relevant documentation that certifies their training, as well as the need for its presence.

  • We also do not allow the entry of breeds considered to be dangerous, such as: Akita, Rottweiler, Pit Bull, Doberman, Napolitan Mastiff, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, French Mastiff, Bullmastiff, Staffordshire, Canarian Molloser and Fila Brasileiro.

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