Iseo & Dodosound
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In a show where we will listen to the new album that they’re releasing in 2022 and, as always, surrounded by their horn section, the inimitable The Mousehunters, Iseo & Dodosound will bring their new music back to Rototom. The Spanish duo knew found the key creating a unique musical combination between a sweet but resounding voice and reggae rhythms with some hiphop and dub flavours that has been gaining fans, local and international, inside and outside the reggae scene. Cat Platoon, their first album in 2015, caught the attention of an audience always eager for fresh and free proposals and Roots in the Air (2017) confirmed that Iseo & Dodosound were here to stay. Songs like Freedom, Vampire, Fresh Air, or a sweet version of Chan Chan with reggae vibes will be combined with Iseo & Dodosound’s newest productions in a show that promises strong emotions.
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