Dub Academy

Powered by Canna

Echoes, effects remixes… big vibration roots and dub with a unique sound system.

Dub Academy powered by Canna
Dub Academy powered by CANNA

The sound system of Dub Academy will pump out a variety of genres, with everything from classic roots to the digital sounds from the end of nineties and the beginning of the century. A stage that has grown and consolidated itself as one of the most original and popular night spots at Rototom Sunsplash.

More than a space dedicated to the sound system culture, the Dub Academy has become a benchmark for lovers of the genre as well as for novices. A place where anything is possible. In collaboration with Middleground.




The program is not yet complete, so the schedule may be subject to last minute adjustments.

friday 16

02:00 h
04:00 h


Main Stage