Out of the numerous cultural area that coexist in Rototom Sunsplash, Living Energy is one of the oldest. Its main objective has always been to nourish our inner energy and promote personal growth through workshops, talks and music.

As is the case with all of the areas, this space is in constant growth and evolving, always sensitive to the needs of the Rototom family. As a part of this evolutionary process we have included issues such as medicinal plants, bioconstruction, permaculture and agro-ecology in order to bring us closer to Mother Earth, because we consider it to be vital to understand that we form part much bigger ecosystem in which we must coexist, respect one another and love ourselves.

In the hope of consolidating this process, this year we present to you the PACHAMAMA area. A renewed space where apart from promoting personal growth the area will pay special attention to everything related to the earth.

Each day we will have the opportunity to develop our inner self through Yoga, meditation and mindfulness. We will also be visited by experts such as Mariano Bueno, with whom we will learn about the relationship between our food and our health, as well as people with ancestral knowledge with whom we can get in touch with the earth through ceremonies and chants, and much more.

We will take a closer, more holistic look at permaculture in collaboration with Red de Permacultura del Sureste   (South East Permaculture Network) and other projects, preferably from the Valencian Community. We will close each day dance, capoeira and liberation. Furthermore, we will have a seed exchange counter, and you can take walk through out flower and vegetable garden, or visit the therapies space, there is just so much to do and discover.

We would like to thank all of you have participated in the gradual evolution of Living Energy and now welcome you to PACHAMAMA.

We are the children of the earth!

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