A journey of personal growth and reconnection with Mother Earth from the values of sustainable development, agro-ecology and health

Natural therapies, yoga and mindfulness, dances, talks, agro-ecology, permaculture, conscious cuisine, super foods, health, medicinal plants, the value of biological seeds … are but some of the many elements that underpin Pachamama, a space for reconnecting with Mother Earth and for personal growth that has consolidated itself within the cultural daytime programme at Rototom Sunsplash, growing year after year.

Pachamama born out of a premise, and a conviction: we are part of a global ecosystem and we have a great responsibility to which we want to give the importance it deserves. With this challenge, the area boasts its own structure, composed of three axes. In the centre there is the Dome, where there are activities that respond to public demands, such as yoga sessions or natural therapies, dances, workshops, lectures and concerts with special guests. Around the Dome pivot the other two vertices of the area. On the one hand, there is the meeting space shaped by exhibitors of groups related to permaculture, the preservation of biological seeds, solidarity or reconnecting with Pachamama, among many others. And on the other hand there is the gastronomic side, with culinary proposals that are formed by vegetarian and vegan restaurants, and include workshops, cooking shows and talks related to conscious eating.


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Main Stage