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Africa, six letters that define and embody a diverse continent in which multiple realities coexist. Some of which are harsh because they suffer from a lack of freedom, violent conflicts and human rights violations. These are perhaps the ones that are best known, as they provide a simplistic view of a continent that represents multiple realities. Many of which are defined by the citizens groups and anonymous people who work to improve and enrich the societies in which they live. With the theme “The Africas of Africa” the Social Forum 2017 wants to highlight their efforts in order to understand the Africas unknown to us, with their diverse perspectives represent a complex and vibrant whole that goes far beyond the uniform, static and negative perspectives that are so dominant.

We want to find out what is happening culturally in different parts of the continent. We shall reflect upon the intellectual and social movements, and try to understand their struggles and the contexts in which they take place. We shall look at how projects are being developed to favour the local economy and to change political realities in some countries. We also want to talk about the stereo types we have created about Africa and how we can break them down from different perspectives and approaches. All of which is in keeping with one of the principle objectives of the Social Forum that is to provide a broader understanding of the continent, going beyond simplistic views and listening to both the people of Africa and their descendants, protagonists and promoters of these other worlds that coexist in this vast territory. We want to contribute to this equilibrium between what is seen and what lies in silence, and thereby vindicate the other ‘Africas of Africa’.



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