Mamadou Dia

Writer and activist, founder of the NGO Hahatay

Writer, founder and president of the NGO Hahatay son risas de Gandiol. Activist and PanAfricanist. He studied Social Work between Africa and Europe. He arrived in Spain in a canoe when he was just over 20 years old after returning to Senegal in order to explain to his compatriots that Europe is not a dreamland. Published books: “3052. Chasing a Dream” and “At  15:00”.

22 AGO 2019
Sustainable initiatives ft. &    |   Jamkunda
21 AGO 2019
Decolonizing the mind ft. &    |   Jamkunda
20 AGO 2019
17 AGO 2019
We will occupy the NET ft. &    |   Jamkunda
19 AGO 2019
Dónde Irán ft. &    |   Social Forum
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