Emeterians Rototom

The classic formation of the reggae harmony trio gets a Spanish update from Madrid’s Emeterians. No strangers to the Rototom massive, Brother Wildman, Sister Maryjane and Maga Lion create a reggae music that is both classic and contemporary in nature. Their confidence has translated into success beyond Spain. They’ve recently worked with top UK producers Peckings and Stingray.

17 AGO 2019
Previous years
19 AGO 2018
Workshop: Collective Chant / Canto Colectivo ft. &    |   Reggae University, Reggae University Camp
21 AGO 2018
Emeterians in Dub ft. &    |   Solè Rototom Beach, Sunbeach
17 AGO 2018
22 AGO 2018
Emeterians in Dub ft. &    |   Dub Academy
12 AGO 2017
Emeterians ft. Blackboard Jungle &    |   Dub Academy
12 AGO 2017