Thimbo samb

My name is Thimbo Samb. I arrived to Tenerife in a raft when I was still a child. I went through a CIE (an immigration centre) and ended up in Madrid. A bus took me to Valencia and I slept on the street for three months along with many others under the bridges of the Turia river, harassed every other day by the police. I am currently an actor, activist and YouTuber and I spend most of my time doing videos where I try to denounce the injustices that we are living here.

I have been the protagonist of two shorts that have been presented in several Human Rights film festivals around the Spanish State and in several European countries and now I have in mind new projects along the same lines.

Another of my fundamental objectives is to work in parallel with my country of origin, in order to promote the development of homeland through its people, trying to encourage critical thinking and education, as the basis for the whole society.

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