The Abyssinians

For over five decades, the close harmonies and Amharic lyrics of Rastafarian reggae group the Abyssinians have been one of reggae’s most recognisable and inimitable sonic forces. The trio began their singing career in 1969 at Studio 1 Records, where they ushered in the roots reggae era with songs like Declaration of Rights and Satta Massagana – the latter becoming one of the most popular rhythms of all time. By the mid 70s they had recorded their debut album, also named Satta Massagana, produced by Clive Hunt, and issued a series of strong singles on their own Clinch label. Back at Rototom after a triumphant 50th anniversary performance in 2019, the Abyssinians will channel their ancient and deeply spiritual connection to reggae’s Pan African history once more.

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