Teresa Aranguren

Journalist and writer

Born in Artziniega (Alava) in December 1944. She holds a degree in Philosophy and Arts and a Diploma in Psychology and Anthropology from the Complutense University of Madrid. Her professional career is linked to journalism in conflict zones. She covered the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon, the Iran-Iraq war and the successive Gulf crises, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Balkan wars.

Literary work:

  • Palestina: el hilo de la memoria, Editorial Caballo de Troya 2004. Reissued by Ediciones Barataria in 2012 and by Ediciones CantArabia in 2023.
  • Olivo Roto: scenes of the occupation, Caballo de Troya Publishing House 2007. Reissued by Ediciones Barataria in 2014.
  • Co-author of “Against Oblivion, a photographic memory of Palestine before the Nakba, 1898-1948”. Ediciones de Oriente y el Mediterráneo. November 2015

Participates in:

el reto de la paz

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