Misty in Roots

Veteran UK reggae group Misty In Roots have spent the last 40 years playing roots reggae music without compromise. Formed in West London in the 1970s, their solemn yet fiery Rastafarian reggae, warning a wicked world of ever impending judgement caught the attention of Radio 1 disc jockey John Peel, who introduced them to a wider audience and invited them to record some of their finest music at the BBC studios. Their sheer power as a live band was captured on the 1979 album Live At The Counter Eurovision and has been in evidence ever since. Where many reggae bands of their pedigree have experimented with different styles of music in pursuit of commercial success, Misty In Roots have stayed on the same path of righteousness. Their 40th anniversary appearance at Rototom will add a dread seriousness to the festival lineup.

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