Maite Mompó

Writer and environmental educator

Maite Mompó, writer and educator, is an ambassador of Protectors of the earth and director of the European campaign STOP ECOCIDIO in Spain and Coordinadora para las Américas, a campaign whose sole objective is to ensure that ecocide becomes the fifth universal crime under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. She holds a degree in Law (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha) and a Specialization Diploma in Ecological Ethics, Sustainability and Environmental Education (DESEEEA – Universidad Politécnica de Valencia). Born in Albacete in 1967, she has dedicated her entire life to human rights, peace and the environment. She has been directly involved in different causes and with various organizations, especially Amnesty International and Greenpeace.

Participates in:

Foto del debate Decrecemos o decrecemos en el Foro Social

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