Inna Afinogenova

Inna Afinogenova was born in Dagestan, Russia. She moved to Moscow to enter university, where she graduated from MGU with a degree in journalism. Although most of her career has been spent in her native country, her journalistic materials have always been in Spanish. In her work as deputy director of the RT en Español website, she has created highly successful digital formats, specialising in offering an alternative vision to that of the mainstream Western media from a pacifist, progressive, anti-imperialist and leftist perspective.

As for the issue at hand, his relationship with the war goes back a long way. Her family had to leave Dagestan when she was very young, when the conflicts in that part of the Caucasus intensified. Some years later, for personal reasons, she made the same decision to emigrate once the war between Russia and Ukraine broke out. As a Russian state media worker, she preferred to resign from her job rather than be in the position of having to defend any kind of warmongering or militaristic stance. This decision, beyond the personal consequences, also earned her a considerable amount of online hate for simply stating that she was “anti-war”.

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