Grian A. Cutanda

Grian A. Cutanda, is a writer, with 14 books to his name, translated into 12 languages; psychologist, educator, translator, communicator, actor and activist. Founder of the activist and educational NGO The Avalon Project – Initiative for a Culture of Peace, Grian actively participated in the Spanish movement 15M, and later, in Scotland, in the campaign against the nuclear submarines Trident, being one of the main organizers of the People’s Climate March in Edinburgh, in 2014, and the climatic campaign of the Scottish capital in 2015. He was one of the first members of the national coordinator of Extinction Rebellion in Spain, where he holds the position of Coordinator of Training and Dissemination, also forming part of Extinction Rebellion International during the first months of the campaign. He is also a Doctor in Educational Sciences from the University of Granada.

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