Angela Nzambi

Angela Nzambi is a native of Lía, a town in the district of Bata – Equatorial Guinea; she works as a technician in matters of social participation and political advocacy in the NGO Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid (CEAR); she writes stories, from her books Ngulsi, 2012 and Biyaare, 2015 you can extract topics related to women, cultural identities and migrations.

She has participated in numerous international meetings that address the problems of Africa, and the descendants of Africans. In this year’s edition, she will talk about feminism in Sub-Saharan Africa; Angela believes that both women’s organizations, literature written by women, feminist thinking are all strategies of denunciation and a means of searching for solutions to the problems of women in Sub-Saharan Africa. Some of these problems are the cause of current forced migrations.