The solidarity donation of glasses by the Rototom Sunsplash audience raises 18,900 euros to help l’Aurora Grup de Suport save lives at sea.
The organization supporting humanitarian civilian rescue boats based in the port of Borriana will allocate the contribution to two projects: the training boat Eulàlia-Rescue Rhib and L'Aurora-Sicily, which will replicate the action of the NGO in Italian ports.

The solidarity campaign channeled through the reusable cup system of the international reggae festival Rototom Sunsplash, held from August 16 to 22, has raised 18,900 euros that will go to L’Aurora Support Group of BurrianaThe organization has been cooperating for more than three years with NGOs rescuing lives in the Mediterranean, “fighting from land – from the solidarity ports of Borriana, Benicarló, Vinaròs and Sagunt – to save lives at sea”, according to the organization, which has 130 volunteers.

The collection of glasses has been carried out through the six containers installed at the Concert venue, thus becoming a direct aid to the work of boat maintenance developed by the organization from the port of Borriana.

“Our presence at the Rototom Sunsplash can be considered a resounding success because of the great visibility given to the different projects of l’Aurora-Grup de Suport,” says Vicent Aleixandre, operations coordinator of the organization. He also highlights “the empathy and solidarity shown by the audience and the dedication of more than a hundred volunteers from our organization who have worked intensely 24 hours a day on each day of the festival, receiving and classifying for later cleaning the thousands of cups collected”.

The almost 19,000 euros of economic contribution obtained will serve “to shore up the precarious economy of our young organization with the aim of continuing to support all the humanitarian civil rescue organizations operating in the Mediterranean”, explained the organization.

Benicassim, 2023-08-20. Sustainability (Others-Culture). Photo by: Luca Valenta © Rototom Sunsplash 2023.

The proceeds will be used mainly for two projects. On the one hand, Eulàlia-Rescue Rhib, a rescue boat for training and training that will be based in the port of Borriana. The objective is to prepare rescuers for immediate incorporation into the teams of the different rescue organizations that request them.

The other project that will benefit from the donation will be L’Aurora-Sicily, whose purpose is to replicate in Sicilian ports the action developed in recent years in Valencian ports, creating a support structure in Italy reinforced by political, social, cultural and solidarity movements in the area.

L’Aurora Grup de Suport points out that a separate bank account will be opened with the money received, in order to report periodically on the movements and destination of the contribution.

The involvement of L’Aurora Grup de Suport in this recently closed edition of Rototom Sunsplash, held under the slogan ‘United for Peace’, has also been reflected in its participation in one of the debates of the Social Forum of the festival, ‘The wars that persecute us’, on August 21, along with the activist and expert on migration Helena Maleno, from Caminando Fronteras.

In addition, it has also been present in the non-profit area of the site, together with other organizations dedicated to the defense of human rights and conflict resolution.

From the Main Stageminutes before the Concert of the Valencian band Zoo, on August 21, the organization projected its voice to share with the public the objective of its organization: “to support humanitarian civilian rescue boats in everything in our power, from logistics to supply or provide all kinds of technical solutions, with a single objective, almost an obsession, that they can set sail as soon as possible to save lives in the Central Mediterranean, that they can go out to fight the massacre in the largest cemetery on this planet”.

Benicassim, 2023-08-20. Sustainability (Others-Culture). Photo by: Luca Valenta © Rototom Sunsplash 2023.

“As civil society we can only organize to fight and denounce this intolerable situation and demand radical respect for human rights,” the organization said on the Main Stage.

On the other hand, L’Aurora-Grup de Suport has confirmed that it will allocate 5% of the total amount of the donation obtained by the glasses to the Mundo 21 Foundation for its program ‘Nadie Sin Su Ración Diaria’, which digitalizes the system of food donations and favors the social inclusion of people who suffer the need to receive food aid.

Precisely the Rototom Sunsplash this year has also maintained its collaboration with the Food Bank through the M21 Foundation, whose team has been responsible for disseminating the project among the public and detailing the ways of collaboration through the totems installed in the enclosure. An initiative that has been completed with the collection of non-perishable food in the bars and restaurants of the festival after its closing.

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