Social Art Gallery opens call for applications to create its most utopian edition
The deadline for receiving artistic proposals, which will revolve around the festival's theme, 'The Power of Utopia', will be open until June 3, 2024.

Share all kinds of artistic expressions and spread them, live and without borders. This is the aim of Social Art Gallery, one of the most creative and vindicative spaces of Rototom Sunsplash. Do you want to be part of this proactive movement through art?

Once again this year, we open the call for artists who wish to submit their proposals for the 2024 edition, which will revolve around the theme ‘The Power of Utopia‘. A source of inspiration that continues to invite us to transform what we have around us.

The great changes in humanity came about because someone, before others, had the courage to imagine them, without thinking that they were not possible. As Eduardo Galeano said: utopia is what makes us walk. What is yours? Do we imagine, transform and walk together?

The deadline for submitting applications is June 3, 2024.

We remind you that only proposals with mixed media, acrylics or other techniques will be accepted, but not those involving the exclusive use of spray paint.

The works of Social Art Gallery selected for this edition will take place during the first 3 days of the festival (August 16, 17 and 18) and will be exhibited at the venue until its closing on August 21, 2024.

All of them will be on sale in order to help finance solidarity projects. At the end of the festival they will become part of the Social Art Gallery collection.

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