THE WAILING SOULS live @ Main stage 2014

21 agosto 2014

With their vast discography spanning various decades, Wailing Souls are one of the great vocal bands of the history of reggae. They have worked with several producers, passing through different remarkable creative phases. They made it to Studio One with songs like ‘Back out with it’ or ‘Mr. coal man’. It is interesting to know that the same group recorded two songs for Bob Marley’s label Tuff Gong under the name Pipe & The Pipers (from the nickname of the solo singer Winston ‘Pipe’ Matthews). After leaving Studio One, they had an intense period in the seventies marked by roots reggae at Channel One. By then, they also released their own exceptional productions like ‘Bredda gravalicious’. Their unbeatable vocal harmonies adapt perfectly to the dancehall style from the beginning of the eighties when they succeeded with songs like ‘Firehouse rock’ y ‘Upfront’, under the direction of Junjo Lawes. Their discography still continues to be of a high standard.

21* Rototom Sunsplash 2014 We Have a Dream
Aug 16-23 Benicasim Spain