RAGING FYAH live @ Main Stage 2012

18 agosto 2012

One of the big novelties of the Jamaican reggae scene that has been coming up during the last years are reggae bands with traditional instruments and no use of digital sound.
We are not talking about backing bands for other vocalists, as they are usual in Jamaica, but real authentical bands with their own repertoire and the creativity of all members in order to produce a unique sound.
Raging Fyah is one of the best bands in this new scene which starts to attract the attention of the international audience. Its mission is the combination of a big variety of musical experiences and influences of soul, pop and rock. Thus, they take up the positive attitude again which once helped the reggae to become popular in its glorious past.
The crucial influences of e.g. Bob Marley, Third Wold and Black Uhuru make themselves felt in the original sounds of their first album 'Judgement day' which the five members of Raging Fyah will present at our festival.

19* Rototom Sunsplash 2012 Jamaica Special
Aug 16-22 Benicasim Spain