BRIGADIER JERRY & JOSEY WALES live @ Main Stage 2015

16 agosto 2015

They will share the microphone on stage performing big hits and diverse improvisations which will really bring to life the essence of rub-a-dub style.

Josey Wales gets his stage name from American cinema, to be more precise, from the film starring Clint Eastwood “The Outlaw Josey Wales”, a fact that tell us much about the influence of films, and above all westerns on the imagination of the world of reggae. His real name is Joseph Winston Sterling and like Brigadier Jerry and Charlie Chaplin, he made name for himself on the mic thanks to the legendary dances of Sturgay Hi-Fi. Although he didn’t take long becoming one of the most important artists in the Volcano sound system, property of the hegemonic producer Junjo Lawes, for whom he also recorded “Bobo dread” and “Leggo mi hand”. After being wounded by a gun shot in 1997 in a robbery, he depicted the incident to the rhythm of country and western in “Bushwacked”, a great success that proves the love of Jamaicans for everything country. Recently he sang in a duo with Mr. Vegas and Shaggy in the fabulous “Sweet Jamaica”, revisiting the classic lyrics of his “Nah Left Jamaica”.

Brigadier Jerry earned his legendary status thanks to his ‘concious’ style and to the skills as an improviser at Jamaican dance halls at the end of the 70’s and throughout the 80’s. He was born, Robert Russell, in the Papine area of Kingston, September 28, 1957. After starting out at young age as a theatric comedian, Briggy moved on to dancehall when he joined Sturgay Hi-Fi, the sound system of U-Roy. From 1978 he combined with Jah Love Muzik, the sound system of the Rasta Twelve Tribes of Israel organisation. Of the artists from the Golden era of Jamaican sound systems, Brigadier Jerry is one of the of the most ‘concious’ artists.

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