AFRICA UNITE live @ Main Stage 2015

20 agosto 2015

Africa Unite was formed in 1981. After thirty four years in action they are the most lasting band on the Italian Reggae scene. In their last album “Il punto di partenza” they seem to be in perfect shape, harshly criticizing the artificial nature of social networks.

The main ingredients of their magnificent adventure and their abundant collection of albums are their passion, the fundamental influences of the great stars of classic Roots, with Bob Marley at the head, but also for their militant sound from the UK, with consistent doses of Dub and the will to never stagnate in time renewing their sound by adding new influences.

The history of this group and that of Rototom Sunsplash have run together, through many concerts and Africa Unite will once again shine at the festival in 2015.

22* Rototom Sunsplash 2015 Peace R(evol)ution
Aug 15-22 Benicàssim Spain