18 Agosto 2015

A 2005 documentary with their name as the title told the world their moving story: to escape the civil war raging in their country, Rubén Koroma, his wife Grace and the other musicians of the Refugee All Stars were forced to become refugees in the Kalia refugee camp, in the neighbouring Guinea.

They formed a band whilst there in order to combat the desperation of their situation and be as welcoming as possible to the other refugees, using instruments donated as part of the relief effort.

After the success of the documentary, they were able to return to their country as the war had ended and then recorded their debut album”Living Like a Refugee”, the first of the four albums they have released so far. At the heart of their sound is a West African rhythm called ‘baskeda’ which could be likened to the sound of artists from Studio One like Burning Spear and Heptones but, obviously, with an African touch.

22* Rototom Sunsplash 2015 Peace R(evol)ution
Aug 15-22 Benicàssim Spain