LUCIANO MESSENJAH live @ Main Stage 2014

20 Agosto 2014

With his regal presence, voice full of spirituality and the social implications of many of his songs, Luciano is one of the indisputable heirs of the spirit of roots reggae from the seventies, of characters like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. The return of the 'conscious' themes to the dancehall scene in the first half of the nineties was due in part to his magnificent first albums on the label Exterminator the milestone of which was certainly "Where is Life" released in 1995, a record which still plays an important part in his concerts. His high standards are also apparent in his great recent works, such as "United States of Africa", "Jah is my Navigator" and "Rub a Dub Market", in which there is some of the best of his poetry and rasta inspiration. Due to his artistic merits the Jamaican government granted him the honor of the "Order of Distinction" in 2007. His latest work, "The Qabalah Man ", produced by the label Al.Ta.Fa.An, was released in 2013.

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