London Town – On the Trails of Reggae

11 Luglio 2008

The documentary intends to retrace the original trail to perceive and feel Africa’s roots within London’s Reggae music. We cover topical subjects such as the 1948, ‘Windrush’ massive immigration from the Caribbean Islands to London, the Notting Hill riots in 1976, the New Cross massacre in Brixton during the late 80ies and we explore Reggae Music today, stressing its strong influence on both punk and pop music.

After the recent film ‘Jamaica mon amour’ , this new production offers in-depth analyses aiming at further understanding the significance of ‘peace, love, respect and unity’.

Interviewes: Chris Blackwell (Music Producer), Vivienne Goldman (a friend of Bob Marley, now writer and biographer of ‘Exodus’), Mad Professor (musician – founder of Ariwa Studios), Linton Kwesi Johnson (poet and songwriter-singer), Mykaell Riley (Prof. at Westminster University – former co-founder of band: Steel Pulse), David Hinds (Musician, singer and co-founder of Steel Pulse), Ali Cambell (Musician, singer and former front-man, founder of UB40) and many others.

London Town – On the trails of Reggae a Film by Tommaso D’Elia.

Director: Tommaso D’Elia
Assistant Director: Silvia Bonanni
Editor: Luca Onorati
Interviews by Pier Tosi, David Katz, and Tony Shargool
Photography: Tommaso D’Elia, Luca Onorati, Gelasio Gaetani and Marco Pasquini Alessandro Pesce
Production Secretary: Valentina Bellomo
Production Assistant: Iacobella Gaetani
Translations and adaptation: Tony Shargool
Edition: Simone Pallicca
Organization: Manuela Nosella, Silvia Marcolin, Geraldine Locci
Producers: Filippo Giunta – Chairman Rototom Sunsplash with: Gelasio Gaetani – Noemi Cinzano
Executive Producer: Claudio Giust