CAPLETON live @ Main Stage 2015

19 Agosto 2015

You can not write about the recent history of Jamaican music without mentioning Capleton, a star of Jamaican new roots from the 90’s, intrinsically linked to dancehall.

In fact, dancehall was the starting point from which Capleton from which Capleton then went on to create his own incendiary school of roots reggae, expresado with a roaring style and many references to the purifying fire, typical of the lyrics of artists from the Bobo Ashanti, of which Capleton is a member. The peak of his popularity was probably “Jah Jah City” in 1999, although Capleton has continued to be a very prolific artist until now, often through powerful dancehall anthems with conscious lyrics.

His energy and bright robes make Capleton a real reggae lion in his performances.

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