BUSY SIGNAL live @ Main Stage 2014

16 Agosto 2014

His real name is Gordon Reanno and he is one of the most talented Jamaican dancehall artists on the contemporary scene: between references to American urban music and magnificent bashment rhythms from the best producers, Busy Signal effectively expresses the tension of the Jamaican ghettos while charging Jamaican dancehalls with the electrical energy of his various hits. As usual, aided by his main producer Shane Brown, Busy has turned to the true roots of Jamaican music, hitting the mark with his latest CD "Reggae Music Again" (2012) that represented a turning point in his career, in which he conveys positive messages through traditional 'one drop' rhythms with excellent results, proclaiming a genuine return of the expressive power of reggae. He has also become a major hit in the dancehalls once again with his irresistible "Watch out for this" produced by Major Lazer.

21* Rototom Sunsplash 2014 We Have a Dream
Aug 16-23 Benicasim Spain