AFRICA UNITE live @ Main Stage 2010

23 Agosto 2010

The roots of Italian reggae in Spain with Rototom Sunsplash! After almost 30 years on the scene, Africa Unite are no doubt one the longest standing reggae bands in Italy. Their history is intertwined with that of the festival since Madaski, Bunna and the rest of the band agree to play year after year, always delivering amazing performances. Africa Unite has grown alongside Sunsplash and together with our festival they have contributed in the development of the Italian reggae scene.

The origin of the last album by the group “Rootz” marks their return to a traditional roots sound. It also marks their return to an attitude closer to the one they have shown in the past, while successfully giving a sharp analysis of current affairs. An example of this can be seen in the dub poetry on the track entitled “Cosa Resta”.

In a year with many great changes taking place, Rototom is delighted to be able to bring the band that has contributed much towards making the festival what it is today to Benicassim.

17* Rototom Sunsplash 2010 Peace, Love & Reggae
Aug 21-28 Benicàssim Spain