06. More Than Twenty, the story of Rototom in 8 episodes

26 Giugno 2014

In Osoppo the festival gains importance internationally and manages to bring 150,000 people together to enjoy ten days of music and camping. There is an incredible atmosphere. The space dedicated to debates grows to such an extent that it becomes an essential characteristic of the festival, gathering scores of speakers from different parts of the planet, with crowded daily sessions.

The alternative character of Rototom and above all, the entry into force of the Fini-Giovanardi Law on drugs, was the basis for what became repressive wave against the festival (“in 2009 there was a real war against Sunsplash” affirms the lawyer Mario Cudini) that led the organizers to decide to leave Italy, as Filippo Giunta explained dramatically from the stage during the farewell of the 2009 edition.

The chapter contains testimonies like that of Viviana Londero (ex-lord mayor of Ossopo), members of the Ossopo Civil Defense, Mario Cudini (lawyer), Africa Unite (Italian music group).

Location: Osoppo, Gemona (Italy)

A film in 8 episodes 1991-2014
(Italy, 120', col, 2014, HDV)
Directed by: Tommaso D'Elia, Silvia Bonanni
Assembly and graphics: Simone Pallicca (AMC)
Executive Producer: Claudio Giust
Produced by: Filippo Giunta for Rototom Sunsplash

SUBTITLES: Italian, English, Spanish, French