01. More Than Twenty, the story of Rototom in 8 episodes

20 Giugno 2014

With: Michele Poletto, Teo Tehardo, Mauro Valenti.

The Rototom nightclub was born at the end of 1991 in Gaio di Spilimbergo (Pordenone, North East Italy), a hall that would host all the alternative music of the time (from the Ramones to Sick of it all or CSI). Founded by four people, from the beginning it was a project that combined friendship and work. As Costantino, one of the protagonists, remembers it “the club was downstairs and we slept upstairs”. The club also became a reference point for those who were looking for an alternative life experience in this province in the North East of Italy.

It was also in Gaio, that the Rototom Sunsplash reggae festival was born in 1993. The images of today intermingle with those of the past. Together with the stories of the founders and the people of Spilimbergo we also find personal anecdotes of friends like the musician Michele Poletto, the musician and compositor Teho Teardo, the founder and director of Arezo Wave Festival Mauro Valenti and the musical group BTK.

Location: Gaio di Spilimbergo, Pordenone, Spilimbergo (Italy)

A film in 8 episodes 1991-2014
(Italy, 120', col, 2014, HDV)
Directed by: Tommaso D'Elia, Silvia Bonanni
Assembly and graphics: Simone Pallicca (AMC)
Executive Producer: Claudio Giust
Produced by: Filippo Giunta for Rototom Sunsplash

SUBTITLES: Italian, English, Spanish, French