PROTOJE & INDIGNATTION interview @ Rototom Sunsplash 2013

5 septembre 2013

Protoje is one of the most important contributors to the return to Roots & Culture in Jamaica, a movement linked to a relatively young group of singers and bands.

Born in 1981, his real name is Oje Ken Ollivierre and he is the son of the Jamaican singer Loma Bennet, known for her hit reggae version of "Breakfast in Bed" by Dusty Springfield, released in 1972.

Another significant relation of Protoje is his cousin Donovan Bennet, a young, successful Jamaican producer and owner of the label Don Corleon, which Protoje has worked with since 2010 when he recorded his first album "The 7 Year Itch", released in 2011.

The intriguing style of Protoje, categorised by a mix of influences ranging from classic roots to modern day hip hop and an interesting wealth of vocal tones, has reached maturity in his new album "The 8 Year Affair" released in collaboration with Don Corleon, which is out now.

20* Rototom Sunsplash 2013 Love Edition
Aug 17-24 Benicasim Spain