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TOOTS & THE MAYTALS live @ Main Stage 2011

In the days of ska, Toots & The Maytals recorded great tracks for Studio One infusing all their youthful strength in their vocal performances greatly influenced by gospel. Toots Hibert made history at the beginning of reggae with an impressive series o

MARCIA GRIFFITHS live @ Main Stage 2010

Marcia Griffiths is one of greatest divas in reggae history: as a female artist at Studio One she produced some of the biggest singles in the labels history such as ‘Feel Like Jumping’, ‘Really Together’ and ‘Truly’. Her work on this legendary label wa

THE ABYSSINIANS live @ Main Stage 2010

Sattamassagana’ the quintessential Rastafari hymn recorded by the Abyssinians in 1969 was on its own enough to make this legendary vocal trio unforgettable. In reality, Bernard Collins and his team had written other extraordinary ‘roots & culture’ piec

RAPSUSKLEI live @ Main Stage 2010

Coming from the young Aragonese Muffin Records, the vocalist Rapsusklei, also known as “The child from the jungle” will be at Rototom. One of the most important and popular names in the hip hop scene, with the recent release of his album “Pandemia”, he

THE MIGHTY DIAMONDS live @ Main Stage 2010

With their greatest hits, such as ‘Right Time ‘ and ‘ I Need a Roof ‘ recorded at Channel One, the Mighty Diamonds are true rockers and their militant style is driven by Sly Dumbar’s furious drumming. Famed in the 1980s their classic hit ‘Pass the Kutc

LYRICSON live @ Main Stage 2010

Sing-jay Lyricson, born in New Guinea and residing in France, best known for his work under the name Bidji as a vocalist for Manu Chao’s band during which time he performed to huge audiences in numerous different countries. His talent as a roots reggae

WAYNE WONDER live @ Main Stage 2010

This sweet Jamaican singer helped bring old skool dancehall into the more recent bashment rhythm. Wayne’s career began during his teen years and he even collaborated with King Tubby before his untimely death. Hightlights of his career include recording

ETANA live @ Main Stage 2010

With her debut CD ‘The Strong One’ Etana has proven herself as one of Jamaican Music’s brightest stars. Her strength lies in a beautiful Gospel voice, amazing talent as a songwriter producing lyrics which deal with the contradictions of Jamaican realit

BUSY SIGNAL live @ Main Stage 2010

His real name is Gordon Reanno and he is one of the most talented singers on the Jamaican dancehall scene of recent years. Amongst the references to black urban music from the US and the talented riddims from the best producers, Busy Signal is an effic

PABLO MOSES live @ Main Stage 2010

The name of Pablo Moses is bound to the glorious Seventies and Eighties reggae roots in Jamaica, but now this artist is living a kind of revival: as a matter of fact, “The rebirth” is the title of his important return just this year to the record scene

INTINN live @ Main Stage 2010

Intinn was finalist of the European Reggae Contest 2010, from Ireland. 17* Rototom Sunsplash 2010 Peace, Love & Reggae Aug 21-28 Benicàssim Spain www.rototom.tv

STEPACIDE live @ Main Stage 2010

The winners of the European Reggae Contest 2010 were Stepacide from Lisbon: they won the prize of the finals, held tonight on the Main Stage with the other finalists, the Italians Arawak and the Irish Intinn. In an interview the young singer of Stepaci

MAX ROMEO live @ Main Stage 2010

Born in 1947 (his real name is Max Smith), despite the ‘gospel-like’ fervour of his style, and enthusiastic belief in Rastafarianism, Max gained great success in the UK with ‘Wet dream’, a track with explicit lyrics that the artist was nearly forced to

SUD SOUND SYSTEM live @ Main Stage 2010

The release of the single “Fuecu/T’a sciuta bona” in 1991 marked the beginning of the adventure of Sud Sound System, which celebrates now twenty glorious years of activity since that historic moment. In those days, they had the great intuition of mixin


Having decided to take a rest and refrain from concerts throughout 2010, news of Rototom Sunsplash’s arrival in Spain soon changed their minds! We have the honour to confirm the unique annual concert by Sergent Garcia with his collective Iyé Ifé at the

KHALED live @ Main Stage 2010

In the previous editions of the festival, we have explored many other musical genres, that although not reggae, were always somehow influenced by African and Jamaican musical traditions. This year Rototom becomes a Mediterranean festival and we feel th

ALBOROSIE live @ Main Stage 2010

After great hits like ‘Herbalist‘ and ‘Kingston town‘, Alborosie was signed by prestigious label Greensleeves, and has released a CD entitled ‘Escape from Babylon’ which is full of references to the golden years of roots reggae and conciousness. His re

TRAIN TO ROOTS live @ Main Stage 2010

Delighting fans of Italian roots & culture with their album “Terra & Acqua” (“Earth & Water”) , and the anticipation for their next imminent work looks very promising. We are of course talking about Train To Roots, from Sassari, the best group of the l

RAS CHARMER live @ Main Stage 2010

The Jamaican Ras Charmer, now living in Switzerland, has had a constant presence at the Sunsplash and has also performed a few times on the main stage at the Rivellino Park. In the 2010 edition he will be appearing on the main stage before the Jamaican

AFRICA UNITE live @ Main Stage 2010

The roots of Italian reggae in Spain with Rototom Sunsplash! After almost 30 years on the scene, Africa Unite are no doubt one the longest standing reggae bands in Italy. Their history is intertwined with that of the festival since Madaski, Bunna and t

MORCHEEBA live @ Main Stage 2010

Sunsplash has often included quality offerings from outside the reggae scene in it’s line-up. This year it’s time for the British band Morcheeba. Internationally famed for their mix of trip hop, soul and pop, the group was founded in the mid 1990s by b

BUSHMAN live @ Main Stage 2010

He is of one of the best singers on the New Jamaican Roots scene at Rototom Sunsplash 2010. We are of course talking about Bushman. This artist from St. Thomas started his musical career in 1997 under the guidance of Steelie & Clevie. Bushman’s voice h

BIG YOUTH live @ Main Stage 2010

Big Youth, the pioneer of deejay style with his codemark of three precious stones (red, gold & green) set in his teeth. Big Youth was one of the first artists to show his dreadlocks in public and to actively introduce Rastafari in his lyrical hooks eve

ROMAIN VIRGO live @ Main Stage 2010

Despite his young age, he has already been topic of many conversations after winning the popular contest “Digicell Rising Stars” in Jamaica. Romain Virgo is perhaps the best fit to continue the great traditions of the Jamaican singers Alton Ellis, Ken

JAH MASON live @ Main Stage 2010

Jah Mason. Formerly a deejay in the 1990s known as Perry Mason, he added Jah to his name, embraced righteous lyrics and created his characteristic sing-jay style. A member of the Bobo Ashanti order of Rastafari, his style has been compared with stars s

ANTHONY B live @ Main Stage 2010

This bobo dread from Portmore has been revolving around the scene since the beginning of the 90s. He is one of those sing-jays who can beautifully combine the consciuos power of new roots with the explosiveness of dancehall scenic tricks. After the suc

ELIJAH live @ Main Stage 2010

The young Elijah won the 2008 edition of the European Reggae Contest and now is coming to play again at the Main Stage. 17* Rototom Sunsplash 2010 Peace, Love & Reggae Aug 21-28 Benicàssim Spain www.rototom.tv

GLEN WASHINGTON live @ Main Stage 2010

We are delighted to also confirm the sweet voice of Glen Washington, the specialist veteran of ‘ lovers style’ to the Sunsplash 2010 line-up . Glen began singing as a member of Joe Gibbs’ crew in the seventies while he was still young and continued his

NEW YORK SKA JAZZ ENSEMBLE live @ Main Stage 2010

Those who are familiar with the origin of Jamaican music know that Jazz was greatly influential in the birth of the classic ska played in the 70s by great bands like the Skatalites. The New York Ska Jazz Ensemble keeps the connection between jazz, ska

MORODO live @ Main Stage 2010

Morodo is probably the most quoted singjay of Spanish scene. An artist whose popularity has increased in recent years to include Latin America, thanks to his tour which took him in Chile, Venezuela, Colombia and Panama. 17* Rototom Sunsplash 2010 Peace

ANTHONY B live @ Main Stage 2009

The final night of Rototom Sunsplash 2009 brought the biggest crowd to the festival. Finally the rain had ceased and there was an end-of-the-century atmosphere around as people made the most of their last chance for this year’s enjoyment. The man left

GLEN WASHINGTON live @ Main Stage 2009

Glen began singing as a member of Joe Gibbs’ crew in the seventies while he was still young and continued hiscareer as drummer for Joseph Hill’s Culture for many years. His return as singer coincided with themajor sales success of the Studio One’s mast