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FERMIN MUGURUZA live @ Main Stage 2013

Fermin Muguruza is one the of the most influential and charismatic figures of the Basque music scene and is known for his versatility and wide range of projects, always characterised by a strong social commitment. He started his career by founding the

U ROY live @ Main Stage 2013

Without the input of U Roy as the father of « deejay style », the Jamaican style that preceded American rap, reggae music would have been very different. His real name is Ewart Berckfort and after an apprenticeship period as a young selector in various s

LA PANDILLA VOLADORA live @ Main Stage 2013

La Pandilla Voladora (the flying gang) is a new project born of the union of various Spanish artists with many years of experience: Jairo (Muchachito Bombo Infierno, guitar and vocals), Albert Pla (guitar and vocals), El Lichis (ex leader of La Cabra M

PROTOJE & THE INDIGGNATION live @ Main Stage 2013

Protoje is one of the most important contributors to the return to Roots & Culture in Jamaica, a movement linked to a relatively young group of singers and bands. Born in 1981, his real name is Oje Ken Ollivierre and he is the son of the Jamaican singe

MORODO live @ Main Stage 2013

On the verge of the release of his fourth album of his career with his label, MAD 91, the singjay from Madrid Morodo is one of the most popular reggae artists to sing in Spanish in both Spain and Latin America, with frequent tours on both sides of the

CHAKA DEMUS & PLIERS live @ Main Stage 2013

In the dancehall field, changes in the deejays and singers that make up ‘combinations’ are very frequent, but it is far less common that a collaboration works so well as to form a steady partnership. This is what happened with deejay Chaka Demus and si

ROYAL RUDES live @ Main Stage 2013

The grand finale of the third annual Reggae Contest Latino was held on Saturday April 27th at the Eva Peron Amphitheatre in Centennial Park, Buenos Aires with a good response from the public and two brilliant winners from the Caribbean island of San An

THE WAILING SOULS live @ Main Stage 2012

With their long discography of various decades, Wailing Souls are one of the great vocal bands of the reggae history. They have worked with several producers, passing through different remarkable creative phases. They got to Studio One through songs li

ALPHA BLONDY live @ Main Stage 2012

With his exceptional band, this artist has always had memorable performances at our festival in which the essential sound of roots reggae joins African sounds in a magnificent way. The Ivorian Alpha Blondy is in deed the artist who has most contributed


We are proud to announce the presence of old friends of the festival in the Sunsplash 2012. They will come to Benicàssim for the first time to present an novelty in their show. Zion Train was founded in 1990, when they started mixing the passion for or

OBRINT PAS live @ Main Stage 2012

Obrint Pas was founded in Valencia nearly two decades ago. It was the first band to combine the dolçaina, a traditional instrument of Valencia, with ska, reggae and melodic hardcore. This became their notable feature over the years. Their music is a mi

JOHNNY OSBOURNE live @ Main Stage 2012

Johnny Osbourne is one of the Jamaican singers who has shown the most versatility in his career, adapting his energetic soul-rich voice to various styles which follow one another. He started singing in the end of the seventies for Winston Riley with th

CALLE 13 live @ Main Stage 2012

They became famous in 2005 with ‘Se Vale To-To’ and ‘Querido FBI’, two songs that succeeded in all undergorund broadcasting stations of their origin Puerto Rico. In a short time, they recorded four albums and became popular all over Latin America. Nowa

TARRUS RILEY ft DEAN FRASER live @ Main Stage 2012

Born in 1979, Tarrus Riley has established himself in the last five years as the best among the new singers who address the sorrowful everyday life of the Jamaican people. For them, music is an important source of support and cultural pride. As son of

BEENIE MAN live @ Main Stage 2012

Thanks to his incredible mix of technical and inventive capacity, Beenie Man is one of the biggest dancehall artists of the entire reggae history. He has always created brilliant tracks with all kinds of rhythms. He was born in 1973 and he already star

MAX ROMEO live @ Main Stage 2012

Max Romeo is one of the heroes from the times when the reggae was born and started developing. He earned a lot of fame in the whole world. With his first success ‘Wet dreams’ in 1969, produced by Bunny Lee, he climbed the pop charts of England and it b

THE CONGOS live @ Main Stage 2012

The Congos are one of the most extraordinary names of the roots reggae from the seventies. The vocal band was composed of Cedric Myton, Roy Johnson and Watty Burnett. Actually, the Congos were a duo and it was Lee Perry’s great idea to add Watty Burnet

STEEL PULSE live @ Main Stage 2012

The English band Steel Pulse is still one of the most prestigious roots reggae bands with perfomances throughout the whole world. They started in the sixties witnessing the frustration and hopes of the population of Handsworth, the densely populated Ca

BARRINGTON LEVY live @ Main Stage 2012

Barrington Levy is one of the most popular reggae singers ever, who proves his presence and expressiveness with a number of impressive successes in the seventies. His potent beginnings can be found on the albums ‘Bounty hunter’, produced by the emergen


Again, the Rototom opens its doors to music styles characterized by diversity and fusion, in this case for Muchachito Bombo Infierno who will perform for the first time at the festival. Muchachito is called Jairo Perera, born in 1975 in Santa Coloma de

ETANA live @ Main Stage 2012

With her two first albums ‘The strong one’ and ‘Free expressions’, Etana became one of the biggest hopes of the Jamaican music. Her strong points are her wonderful voice full of gospel passion, her talent as composer with lyrics that confront the contr

Special Main Stage @ Rototom Sunsplash 2012

19* Rototom Sunsplash 2012 Jamaica Special Aug 16-22 Benicasim Spain http://www.rototom.tv


They define themselves as « the best dance orchestra of Italy ». Their passion for ska, rocksteady, early reggae and influences of soul in the historical rhythms of Jamaican origin makes in deed thousands of people dance happily on their concerts. In the

IRIE FM live @ Main Stage 2012

The Serbian band Irie FM has won the final of the European Reggae Contest that took place in Udine in front of an enthusiastic audience. After having participated in last years’ live final, the band from Belgrad was awarded as best group of this editio

RAGING FYAH live @ Main Stage 2012

One of the big novelties of the Jamaican reggae scene that has been coming up during the last years are reggae bands with traditional instruments and no use of digital sound. We are not talking about backing bands for other vocalists, as they are usual

FREDDIE MCGREGOR ft CHINO live @ Main Stage 2012

We can add a great personality of the Jamaican reggae history and a sublime singer to the lineup of the Sunsplash 2012. After his beginnings in a duo with Ernest Wilson and after his apprenticeship at Studio One in the end of the seventies, Freddie McG


2012 is a year full of significance for us: 50 years ago while Jamaica finished to be Britain colony and became independent, the Jamaican ska took on a complete form, moving away from the first imitation of the American rythm&blues and initiating a

ALBOROSIE & FRIENDS live @ Main Stage 2012

Alborosie is an artist who does not need to be introduced. Albums like ‘Soul Pirate’ and ‘Escape from Babylon’ are among the absolutely best works recently published in the reggae scene. After the release of his last LP ‘2 times revolution ‘ he won the

MICHAEL ROSE live @ Main Stage 2012

Here comes another big artist, who has crossed various periods of the reggae music with his powerful voice and his huge expressive power. After his first singles for producers like Niney The Observer and Lee Perry, he joined the Black Uhuru in 1977. Wi

TANYA STEPHENS live @ Main Stage 2012

Despite being less visible than their male colleagues, the women of the Jamaican reggae are talented, creative and courageous to address controversial topics with the necessary sensitivity. In this regard, Tanya’s career is absolutely examplary: She st

BERES HAMMOND live @ Main Stage 2012

His unique voice, his extraordinary style and his intensive way of singing universal songs which are fascinating people with entirely different experiences make Beres Hammond one of the most popular singers of Jamaica. And the reggae fans all over the


The guitarist Ernest Ranglin who is well-known in Kingston’s club scene has brought together jazz with Jamaican rythm & blues and ska from the beginning. How he is playing his semi-acoustic is literally magical: All his collectors know his fantasic