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JAH9 live @ MAIN STAGE 2014

The poet / singer Jah9 is a prominent new force on the Jamaican roots scene. Her real name is Janine Cunningham, born in 1983, after her first poetic experiments she firstly discovered the free jazz structure and later the vibes of dub and roots cultur

JIMMY CLIFF live @ Main Stage 2014

JIMMY CLIFF live @ Main Stage 2014 21* Rototom Sunsplash 2014 We Have a Dream Aug 16-23 Benicasim Spain http://www.rototom.tv

SEAN PAUL live @ Main Stage 2014

With more than six million copies sold worldwide of his Grammy -winning album  » Dutty Rock » 2002 , Sean Paul is one of the biggest dancehall artists in history and has contributed decisively to open new markets for Jamaican music. This success has been

JUNIOR KELLY live @ Main Stage 2014

His first single was released in 1985 and he had to wait patiently until 2000 to get closer to success with the single « Love So Nice »: Of the artists who joined the much talked about new Jamaican roots scene in the second half of the nineties, Junior K

NOU VIN LAKAY live @ Main Stage 2014

Nou Vin Lakay, is the name of the winner of the 4th edition of the Rotototom Reggae Contest Latino, which in Creole means “from home”. The group was formed in 2004 in Caracas with the objective of enriching their reggae, hip hop and ragamuffin styles w

LUCIANO MESSENJAH live @ Main Stage 2014

With his regal presence, voice full of spirituality and the social implications of many of his songs, Luciano is one of the indisputable heirs of the spirit of roots reggae from the seventies, of characters like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. The return of

EASY STAR ALL-STARS live @ Main Stage 2014

The small New York label Easy Star started operating in the mid-nineties, just like so many other independent labels, releasing some reggae productions from artists on the local scene and re-editing historic Jamaican material. Easy Star evolved in 2003

ALPHA BLONDY live @ Main Stage 2014

Alpha Blondy is the artist who has contributed more than any other to bring reggae to its roots in Africa. Having discovered reggae by listening to Bob Marley and Burning Spear during a long stay in New York in the seventies, Alpha returned to Ivory Co

WAILING TREES live @ Main Stage 2014

For the first time ever the winner of the Reggae Contest Europe is a French band: Wailing Trees, hailing from Lyon. These seven young musicians have worked hard from the beginning to attain a personal sound influenced by roots reggae as well as soul, j

ANTHONY B live @ Main Stage 2014

ANTHONY B live @ Main Stage 2014 21* Rototom Sunsplash 2014 We Have a Dream Aug 16-23 Benicasim Spain http://www.rototom.tv

JESSE ROYAL live @ Main Stage 2014

Jesse Royal’s real name is Jesse David Leroy Grey. He was born 29 April, 1989 in the parish of St. James, on the Jamaican hills of Maroon Town. At the end of the 90’s he moved with his family to Kingston and began a close friendship with his schoolmate

THE GLADIATORS ft DROOP LION live @ Main Stage 2014

The Gladiators are one of the most exciting groups from the golden age of roots with extraordinary albums to their name from Studio One on the English label Virgin produced by Prince Tony Robinson. Albert Griffiths is no longer the lead of the group, f

MELLOW MOOD & FRIENDS live @ Main Stage 2014

With their intense live activity and creativity Mellow Mood have earned themselves an important place on the Italian reggae scene and are one of the Italian groups who play most often abroad. They released their debut CD in 2009 with « Move! », an intere

MO’KALAMITY & THE WIZARDS live @ Main Stage 2014

Mo’Kalamity was born in Cape Verde, but grew up in France. Her style channels classic reggae and soul from the golden age of Jamaica in the ’60s and ’70s to present her favorite tunes of social criticism and idealism. After performing as a singer in th

ROMAIN VIRGO live @ Main Stage 2014

Born in 1990, he won the Jamaican TV song contest Digicell Rising Stars at just sixteen years of age: Romain Virgo is perhaps the most authoritative new artist continuing the great tradition of singers founded by legendary figures such as Alton Ellis,

COLLIE BUDDZ live @ Main Stage 2014

Thanks to the versatility it takes to ride one drop and bashment rhythms with the same effectiveness and also sing a duet with hip hop stars, Collie Buddz is a prime example of a modern artist who has no qualms about breaking the boundaries between mus

BUSY SIGNAL live @ Main Stage 2014

His real name is Gordon Reanno and he is one of the most talented Jamaican dancehall artists on the contemporary scene: between references to American urban music and magnificent bashment rhythms from the best producers, Busy Signal effectively express

KABAKA PYRAMID live @ Main Stage 2014

The term “Kabaka” means king in the language spoken in Uganda, while with the pyramids this young Jamaican artist refers to the mathematical proportions of the laws which govern the universe and its creation. His real name is Keron Salmon and his style

CORNELL CAMPBELL meets SOOTHSAYERS live @ Main Stage 2014

The history of reggae surely would have been much less interesting without the magnificent voice in falsetto of Cornell Campbell and his great versatility: features which placed him in the pantheon of great Jamaican singers. Born in 1945, he began reco


John Holt is one of the few reggae legends to have never performed at Rototom Sunsplash and we are particularly proud of his presence this year. He started to perform, as a teenager, in 1959 and recorded his first single for Leslie Kong in 1963. The fo

NNEKA live @ Main Stage 2013

Nneka is not purely a reggae artist, although Jamaican music is one of her principal influences and she has had the opportunity to open concerts for superstars like Sean Paul and Damian Marley/Nas (she toured the world with the latter as part of their

HORACE ANDY live @ Main Stage 2013

Horace Andy is a prestigious Jamaican singer who started back at the end of the sixties. He has an amazing curriculum starting with the legendary Studio One forming part of the glorious roots reggae of the 70’s for crucial producers like Bunny Lee ore

SUD SOUND SYSTEM live @ Main Stage 2013

In 1991, the adventure of Italian dancehall veterans Sud Sound System began with the release of the single ‘Fuecu / T’a sciuta bona’. By this time they had the great idea to mix the fire of dancehall with Mediterranean rhythms and Salentino dialect, en

AFRICA UNITE live @ Main Stage 2013

A bit of Italy will be present on the Main Stage once again with Africa Unite: Founded in 1981, this is the longest going Italian group and the growth of these pioneers of the Italian roots reggae journey has been intertwined with the growth of Rototom

CE’CILE live @ Main Stage 2013

Since her early, sudden successes such as the ironic ‘Changez’ of 2000, Ce’cile has represented, in a unique way, intelligence and beauty in the field of Jamaican dancehall. Her career in the music industry began via the back door: for years she was ma

THE SKATALITES live @ Main Stage 2013

It can be said without exaggeration that the history of reggae can be traced back to the Skatalites: at the end of 1963 established jazz musicians on the Kingston scene such as Roland Alphonso, Tommy McCook, Don Drummond, Lloyd Brevett and Lloyd Knibbs

ALBOROSIE live @ Main Stage 2013

Alborosie is an artist who needs no introduction. Albums like his ‘Soul pirate’ and ‘Escape from Babylon’ are among the best works reggae albums released in recent years. Following the release of his latest CD ‘2 Times Revolution ‘, he was awarded the

DUBHEART live @ Main Stage 2013

Dubheart, a band from the United Kingdom, are the winners of the European Reggae Contest 2013, after the final held in Zurich before an enthusiastic audience. The final took place at Komplex 457 in Zurich and was organized by Reeds Festival, historical

MR. VEGAS live @ Main Stage 2013

The real name of Mr Vegas is Clifford Smith and he is a true veteran of the Jamaican dancehall scene. In the period of 1997-98 he really showed his talent and versatility for the first time via tunes such as « Nike air » and of course « Heads high » the « m

RICHIE SPICE live @ Main Stage 2013

With his delicate, evocative voice and intense compositions, Richie Spice is one of the most original roots reggae artists to have come from the Jamaican scene. Born in 1971 into a musical family: three of his brothers, Spanner Banner, Pliers and Snatc

IBERICA ALL STARS live @ Main Stage 2013

In the last few years the Jamaican music scene on the peninsula has seen the emergence of artists and bands that had not previously been very well know, either because they had not been granted the opportunity to make themselves known or because they h

GROUNDATION live @ Main Stage 2013

Since their formation in 1998, the Californian group Groundation have obtained a global following thanks to their very particular style of music, based in classic roots reggae with jazz-like influences, a style expressed in the performances of the musi