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GREEN VALLEY live @ Main Stage 2015

The creator of Green Valley, Ander Valverde, started his first musical experience in 2001, playing in sound systems, a little before recording his first demo alone, named “El Sueño Perdido”. He started with the idea of creating a band. In September 200

CANTANDO A MARLEY live @ Main Stage 2015

ft Mala Rodríguez, Amparo Sánchez, Roberto Sánchez, Sr. Wilson, Payoh Soulrebel, Salda Dago & The Blackstarliners. It is undeniable that the legendary Bob Marley, who would have been 70 this year, is one of the main reasons that reggae first crossed al

UWE BANTON live @ Main Stage 2015

With the positivity of his message and the mystic energy of his music, Uwe Banton is a veteran of the European roots & culture scene. His interest in Jamaican music started while he was a teenager, in the late seventies, through the music Bob Marley, P

AFRICA UNITE live @ Main Stage 2015

Africa Unite was formed in 1981. After thirty four years in action they are the most lasting band on the Italian Reggae scene. In their last album “Il punto di partenza” they seem to be in perfect shape, harshly criticizing the artificial nature of soc

CAPLETON live @ Main Stage 2015

You can not write about the recent history of Jamaican music without mentioning Capleton, a star of Jamaican new roots from the 90’s, intrinsically linked to dancehall. In fact, dancehall was the starting point from which Capleton from which Capleton t

SHUGA live @ Main Stage 2015

The young Jamaican singer Mitzie ‘Shuga’ Campbell is also known as Sugar Brown. After gaining some experience through local shows and talent contests in his home Montego Bay, Shuga rose to fame when he won the well-known national talent show Digicell R

KIRIL DJAIKOVSKI live @ Main Stage 2015

This concert is an intriguing mix of ‘world music’, Balkan music, electronic music, hiphop and dancehall. After having formed Bastion, one of the first Macedonian electronic bands, with the musician and director Milčo Mančevski, Kiril Dzajkovski moved

CHAM live @ Main Stage 2015

The real name of the artist Cham is Damian Beckett, born 24th of February 1979. Although in 2005 he changed his name from Baby Cham to Cham, many of his fans still know him by his old name. With elements of hip hop and r & b, his double CD debut “Wow …


A 2005 documentary with their name as the title told the world their moving story: to escape the civil war raging in their country, Rubén Koroma, his wife Grace and the other musicians of the Refugee All Stars were forced to become refugees in the Kali

MORODO & OKOUME LIONS live @ Main Stage 2015

Rubén Morodo Ruiz (1971) is not one of the pioneers of reggae in Spain, but he was the first for many young people that now make or listen to reggae. His second album “Cosas que contarte (2004) has the honour of being the cornerstone of the popularisat

CLINTON FEARON live @ Main Stage 2015

Clinton Fearon is one of the key figures of the music scene of sixties Jamaica: his career began in the young band The Brothers and in 1969 he joined the legendary Gladiators, with whom he shared the wonder years of all their albums released on Virgin.

LLOYD PARKS & THE PIONEERS live @ Main Stage 2015

The Pioneers are an important part of the history of Jamaican music. Their career began in 1962, and has lasted more than 53 years, with various line-ups of the vocal group. Formed by the brothers Sydney and Derrick Crooks, the original Pioneers record

BUNNY WAILER live @ Main Stage 2015

Bunny Wailer is the last living founding member of the Wailers and a fundamental protagonist of the history of reggae. In his youth he shared the same house and family as Bob Marley, in addition to founding the Wailers with Bob and Peter Tosh. After wo

KATCHAFIRE live @ Main Stage 2015

Katchafire are bringing the New Zealand reggae scene to Rototom Sunsplash! The intent of the most prominent reggae band from New Zealand is to mix the traditional sounds of reggae with the musical influences of their homeland, particularly the Maori so

BRIGADIER JERRY & JOSEY WALES live @ Main Stage 2015

They will share the microphone on stage performing big hits and diverse improvisations which will really bring to life the essence of rub-a-dub style. Josey Wales gets his stage name from American cinema, to be more precise, from the film starring Clin

JAH CURE live @ Main Stage 2015

The voice of Jah Cure is one of the most intense and evocative of the whole Jamaican scene and he really demonstrates this in his latest hits “Life We Live”, “That Girl” and “Wake Up”. His last album “World Cry”, 2012, is a great example of mixing Jama

HOLLIE COOK live @ Main Stage 2015

One of the surprises of recent years with regards to reggae produced outside of Jamaica was Hollie Cook, a young singer and the daughter of Paul Cook, drummer of the Sex Pistols, and Jeni, former backing singer of Culture Club. The late Ari Up of the f

JUNIOR MARVIN’S WAILERS live @ Main Stage 2015

The Jamaican guitarist Junior Marvin made a substantial contribution in the work of Bob Marley between 1977 and 1981, the year of the death of the most famous Jamaican artist in history. He was part of all the albums of Bob Marley from the period, star

POPCAAN live @ Main Stage 2015

At twenty five years old, Popcaan (whose real name is Andrae Jay Sutherland) is one of the stars of the Jamaican dancehall scene. He was discovered at seventeen by Vybz Kartel, who became his producer and mentor, and led him to participate in prestigio

SHAGGY Ice Bucket Challenge @ Rototom Sunsplash 2014

Shaggy accepted the challenge and made his donation live from www.rototom.com to the campaign #IceBucketChallenge. He nominated DJNorie, Squeeze, Jabba, Bobby Konders, Rory Stone Love. 21* Rototom Sunsplash 2014 We Have a Dream Aug 16-23 Benicasim Spai

MIDNITE live @ Main Stage 2014

MIDNITE live @ Main Stage 2014 21* Rototom Sunsplash 2014 We Have a Dream Aug 16-23 Benicasim Spain http://www.rototom.tv

Warm up before MS LAURYN HILL show @ Main Stage 2014

Warm up before LAURYN HILL show @ Main Stage 2014 21* Rototom Sunsplash 2014 We Have a Dream Aug 16-23 Benicasim Spain http://www.rototom.tv

Despedida @ Main Stage 2014

El equipo que hace posible el Rototom Sunsplash se despide del público del festival desde el Main Stage. 21* Rototom Sunsplash 2014 We Have a Dream Aug 16-23 Benicasim Spain http://www.rototom.tv

INNER CIRCLE live @ Main Stage 2014

The brothers Ian and Roger Lewis formed this extraordinary Jamaican band in 1968 with other musicians, some of whom ended up forming Third World, and are still making music, after a glorious adventure of over forty years ; the irresistible mixture of r

DANAKIL live @ Main Stage 2014

It’s been fourteen years since the birth of Danakil as a band of college students who played in many of the small bars of Paris and today this band is one of the most decisive driving forces of the French roots scene. The great maturity expressed in th

TWINKLE BROTHERS live @ Main Stage 2014

They hail from Falmouth, Jamaica and have been active for over 40 years: their first albums « Rasta Pon Top », « Love » and « Praise Jah » are amongst the best examples of the beloved roots style of the sixties. We are of course referring to the Twinkle Brot

YANISS ODUA & ARTIKAL BAND live @ Main Stage 2014

Yaniss Odua is one of the soloists on the French scene who has become famous in his own country in recent years: originally from Martinique, his music has Latin influences and a black urban repertoire of hip-hop and R & B. He started his career at a ve

FEMI KUTI live @ Main Stage 2014

As in the case of Bob Marley, the king of Afrobeat Fela Kuti has also had a strong influence on his children causing them to continue his musical adventure in one way or another. Femi was born in 1962 during the famous period of London residencey of hi

SHAGGY live @ Main Stage 2014

Shaggy is one of the most famous Jamaican artists worldwide, the skill with which he managed to bring his dancehall and r & b to the top of the pop charts has won him an incredibly wide range of fans, without losing strong credibility among reggae love

THE WAILING SOULS live @ Main stage 2014

With their vast discography spanning various decades, Wailing Souls are one of the great vocal bands of the history of reggae. They have worked with several producers, passing through different remarkable creative phases. They made it to Studio One wit

CHRONIXX live @ Main Stage 2014

CHRONIXX live @ Main Stage 2014 21* Rototom Sunsplash 2014 We Have a Dream Aug 16-23 Benicasim Spain http://www.rototom.tv

BEENIE MAN live @ Main Stage 2014

BEENIE MAN live @ Main Stage 2014 21* Rototom Sunsplash 2014 We Have a Dream Aug 16-23 Benicasim Spain http://www.rototom.tv