TARRUS RILEY ft DEAN FRASER live @ Main Stage 2012

21 August 2012

Born in 1979, Tarrus Riley has established himself in the last five years as the best among the new singers who address the sorrowful everyday life of the Jamaican people. For them, music is an important source of support and cultural pride.
As son of the singer Jimmy Riley, Tarrus joins the saxophonist, producer and talent finder Dean Fraser when he is young. In 2004, he publishes his first album 'Challenges'. But he doesn't succeed internationally until 2006 with his album 'Parables' which contains great songs like the number one hits in Jamaica 'She's royal', 'Micro chip' and 'One two order'.
With the next album 'Contagious' he holds the quality level up, also due to his dancehall single 'Good girl gone bad' in collaboration with Konshens.
Recently, he has been singing about the magnificence of the African kings in 'Shaka zulu pickney' and he is about to publish his new album 'Mecoustic' which will also contain versions of his best songs.

19* Rototom Sunsplash 2012 Jamaica Special
Aug 16-22 Benicasim Spain