TANYA STEPHENS live @ Main Stage 2012

17 August 2012

Despite being less visible than their male colleagues, the women of the Jamaican reggae are talented, creative and courageous to address controversial topics with the necessary sensitivity. In this regard, Tanya's career is absolutely examplary: She started as a dancehall artist in the middle of the nineties with "stylish" hits like 'Yu nu ready fi this yet' or 'Handle the ride'. Later she continued with potent reggae tunes like 'It's a pity', which is already a classic. After having conquered the international reggae audience, she became a refined but also passionate reggae singer-songwriter. In the two brilliant albums 'Gangsta blues' and 'Rebelution' she addresses important topics like the discrimination of class, race and gender, the disputed situation of women in Jamaica and the world such as the fight against violence and injustice. Her latest CD 'Infallible' was released in 2010.

19* Rototom Sunsplash 2012 Jamaica Special
Aug 16-22 Benicasim Spain