STEEL PULSE live @ Main Stage 2012

19 August 2012

The English band Steel Pulse is still one of the most prestigious roots reggae bands with perfomances throughout the whole world. They started in the sixties witnessing the frustration and hopes of the population of Handsworth, the densely populated Carribean neighbourhood of Birmingham.
In their beginnings in the first years of the sixties, their sound was powerful and characterized by Rasta and anti-racism in albums like 'Handsworth revolution' and 'Tribute to the martyrs'. In the eighties, step-by-step Steel Pulse was becoming an internationally successful band with a sound approaching that of pop music, but maintaining a certain quality and militance in their appearance.
Albums like 'True democracy' and 'Earth crisis' are classical examples of their sound and they surely belong to the most important roots works of that time.
Spike Lee wanted them for the soundtrack of 'Do the right thing' in 1898. They attracted attention in 2008 by supporting Barack Obama with the homonymous song which was embedded in a special compilation of support for the first African American president in the history of the United States.

19* Rototom Sunsplash 2012 Jamaica Special
Aug 16-22 Benicasim Spain