BEENIE MAN live @ Main Stage 2012

20 August 2012

Thanks to his incredible mix of technical and inventive capacity, Beenie Man is one of the biggest dancehall artists of the entire reggae history. He has always created brilliant tracks with all kinds of rhythms.
He was born in 1973 and he already started to frequent the dancehalls and recording studios in the late seventies when he was very young: He was so small that he needed a beer crate to stand on in order to reach the microphone.
When he became an adult, having already gained a lot of experience, he had a real explosion of creativity after 1995: His series of number one hits which whole Jamaica sings and dances to is impressive; he was nominated 'the DJ of the year' four years in a row; in 1997 he participated in the movie 'Dancehall Queen' and helped to set up the soundtrack; and he was rewarded with the Grammy in 2001 for his album 'Art & Life'.
His historic rivlary with Bounty Killer has nourished the experience of a creative atmosphere for years in a competitive way, like it is common in the Jamaican dancehalls. He did also several collaborations with great artists of the black music like Janet Jackson and Wyclef Jean.

19* Rototom Sunsplash 2012 Jamaica Special
Aug 16-22 Benicasim Spain