04. More Than Twenty, the story of Rototom in 8 episodes

23 June 2014

The Rototom association became a landmark in the reality of Friuli (North East Italy) and made a name for itself together with other cultural and musical realities from the area in 2000 during a squat that was as short (three months) as it was vibrant and important in the memories of all of those who participated.

During this period the old Cerit factory was squatted, centralizing the local cultural scene. The event is commented on by Teho Teardo, Piero Colussi (founder of Cinemazero), Flavio Massaruto (jazz music expert). Thanks to archive images from the Friuli Film Archive, we recovered the history of the Friuli region, the war or the earthquake for example. As Sergio Colussi explains, “we are a region in which the people are used to working hard to achieve their dreams”.

Location: Pordenone, S. Vito al Tagliamento, the old Cerit factory in Friuli. (Italy)

A film in 8 episodes 1991-2014
(Italy, 120', col, 2014, HDV)
Directed by: Tommaso D'Elia, Silvia Bonanni
Assembly and graphics: Simone Pallicca (AMC)
Executive Producer: Claudio Giust
Produced by: Filippo Giunta for Rototom Sunsplash

SUBTITLES: Italian, English, Spanish, French