The Africas of Rototom say farewell with batucada rhythms

20 August, 2017

The Celebrating Africa edition says goodbye. For 8 days, each one of the areas and stages of Rototom Sunsplash have been converted into a nexus between Africa and Benicassim and the whole world. There’s been dialogue, music, dance, circus, theatre, cooking, sports, workshops and a lot, above all, a lot of reggae. These were the key to understanding another way of looking at Africa, during this journey to Zion in which Rototom Sunsplash is converted each edition. Creating its own perspective though the richness of the culture and history of the African continent that has been known during these days.

The batucada sounded all through the festival area, this time not only announcing the start of the Main Stage, as has been done for the last few days, but this time also serving as a farewell to #celebratingafrica. The big final march, led by Batucada Borumbaia and Asprona Timbals, has passed through RototomCircus, AfricanVillage, Pachamama y Magico Mundo. The music resounded around the whole festival. Farewell music, but also to say that we are we are all reggae, we are all Rototom and we all celebrate Africa.

The batucada ended its parade, this time joined by Carnival de Barranquilla, who led the dances in the early hours of the morning in Caribbean Uptempo. The colour and music say goodbye to us… Although one final night remains. The Main Stage sounds, the Lion Stage roars and all the stages will say farewell.


Asun Pérez

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