From superfood shakes to legume pates

18 August, 2017

A superfood shake made of orange, carrot, apple and nutshells that can be even more powerful and you can absorb its propierties better by adding turmeric and black pepper. The vegetarian chef Anay Bueno, project leader of El Tenedor Verde, has been in the Vegetarian Lovers area at Pachamama showing the recipe of two superfood drinks. The second one was a green shake with cucumber, celery and matcha tea powder with hemp protein, perfect for breakfast or athletes. Finally, a refreshing shake made with watermelon, açaí palm and maca.

Now it’s the turn of savoury food. This evening we can learn how to elaborate vegan pate made of legumes and dried nuts with Mariano Bueno, and also we can know more about the qualities and benefits of sesame seeds in vegetarian cooking with Alberto Delgado.

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