Samir Amin: “The alternative to capitalism is the recovery of small scale agriculture”

19 August, 2017

Benicassim, 2017-08-19. El desafio africano ante la globalizacion economica (Foro Social). Photo by: Guillem Chesa © Rototom Sunsplash 2017.

Egyptian political scientist and economist Samir Amin has closed on Saturday 19th the Social Forum’s The Africas of Africa with the Italian anthropologist Davide Cirillo. Together they have given voice to the debate The African challenge of economic globalization.

Amin stressed that the only alternative to capitalist system in the African case has to rise through industrialization and the building integrated systems. This alternative also “should be considered in the context of the recovery of peasant agriculture” and the “renewal of the agricultural system” that allow for equitable access to land. To achieve this goal, there was the proposal to implement “common struggles, uniting the peoples of the north and south of the African continent”. “Campaign actions, not words, to restore basic social services such as education, transportation and housing” he insisted. Samir Amir also referred to the three dimensions on which capitalism should act: the creation of an integrated goods market, a market and capital finance and an integrated labour market; despite the fact that only the first two are developed: “The capitalist system currently is an oligarchic system” he concluded, and therefore favours the centralization of political power. This results in the manufacture of an ideology that is based on depoliticizing the people and thereby distancing them from political life.

Meanwhile, Davide Cirillo addressed the phenomenon of ‘land grabbing’ presenting a comprehensive case study. Cirillo has contrasted various ideas and phenomena, addressing how this land grabbing negatively impacts on African peoples. It is the renewal and recovery of peasant agriculture that is the key.

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