Solidarity is essential

From the very beginning, 25 years ago now, we have been committed to working with certain values and the people who promote or should promote these values, as well as those citizen organizations and groups that work to make them a reality.

More than 50 entities dealing with peace, human and civil rights, fair trade, anti-prohibition, the environment, reggae and Rastafarian culture participate each year in the Rototom Sunsplash. They do so with their stands during the festival, their talks in the Social Forum or the Reggae University and their workshops held in the different cultural areas.

Furthermore we collaborate with these associations by directly supporting their projects.

We believe that our stance is shared by many. Without solidarity among people, we cannot make advancements in human rights nor can we advance towards the better world that we all long for. That is why we say solidarity is essential.

Solidarity actions in which we have contributed

Asociación Líbero

In 2019 we also support the Asociación Líbero  of Malaga who care for the seed bank,donated by Semillas Madre Tierra in 2015 to Rototom. They along with members of the Southeast Permaculture Network take care of and reproduce this seed collection so that it continues to expand every year.


2019 Spain Greenpeace

Greenpeace is one of the most important environmental NGOs in the world. With its Spanish section we have started a close collaboration thanks to which, in 2019, a solidarity campaign was developed, promoted during our 26th edition. The glasses donated by our public will help Greenpeace to continue fighting for our planet.


2019 Brazil APIB

The Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB) is the agglutination of and a national reference for the indigenous movement in Brazil, born with the purpose of strengthening and unifying the struggles of the autoctonous peoples. Our contribution of € 8,500 in 2019 was dedicated to the maintenance of its activities in defense of the rights of their people and the Amazon rain forest.

HA HA TAY – Son risas de Gandiol

2019 Senegal Ha Ha Tay

In 2019, we contributed our grain of sand to sustain the Taaru Gandiol Festival, organized by the NGO HA HA TAY Son risas de Gandiol (Senegal), a non-profit association that works in development cooperation between Senegal and Spain.


2019 Spain AEMC

After our 26th edition, we returned to support the Association of  Sclerosis Multiple in Castellón (AEMC) in maintaining its transport service adapted to people with neurodegenerative diseases.


2019 Spain ACCEM

Accem in Castellón is an NGO that dedicates its efforts to improve the living conditions of refugees, immigrants and at people at risk of social exclusion. Our contribution will be used to maintain and improve their support and reception services.


2019 Spain ProGat

The Animal Protection Association ProGat is another of the entities to which we have directed our social action in 2019. The contribution will be used to maintain veterinary and health services to support the animals rescued by the protectorate.

Stand Up For Jamaica

2018 Jamaica Stand Up For Jamaica

Stand Up For Jamaica focuses on vulnerable groups at extreme risk of social exclusion on the Caribbean island. With the contribution received from the festival, it will acquire books, computers and school supplies for the 80 students at its school, and will also help with the cost of their exam fees to ensure their right to education.

Proactiva Open Arms

The humanitarian rescue NGO Proactiva Open Arms will start, with the amount raised in our 2018 edition, the project ‘Protection by presence, humanitarian rescue and citizen dissemination. The emergency response to the humanitarian blackout in the Central Mediterranean.’ It is an intervention that will allow it to continue to fulfill its promise to “not leave a single life adrift” at sea and in which various actors of civil society participate in the same way that we at Rototom have done.

Professional Emergency Aid

2018 Spain Proemaid

Proemaid focuses its work on helping and rescuing people in serious danger at sea. The NGO plans to charter a new ship in the Central Mediterranean. Rototom Sunsplash’s contribution will serve to support this project in the hope of continuing to save lives.


2018 Spain ProGat

The Association for the Protection of Animals ProGat is another of the entities to which we have dedicated our social action in 2018. The funds will be used to provide veterinary and sanitary assistance to the animals rescued by the organization, and will mainly help to cover surgical interventions that are very expensive.

Sindicato Mantero

2018 Spain Sindicato Mantero

The Popular Union of Street Vendors of Barcelona, ​​better known as Sindicato Mantero, is putting the last touches to a start-up of a new cooperative to strengthen their fashion line ‘Top Manta’, with which they raise awareness about their situation and by which finance their to fight for decent living conditions. The contribution of the festival aims to help pave the way to for the struggle of fight fought by the collective of street vendors.

Café de las Sonrisas

Café de las Sonrisas is another of the projects to which we wanted to add the support of Rototom Sunsplash. With it, the macramé workshop that employs Nicaraguan women work at personal and social risk, with difficult access to the labour market, will be resumed. “The money invested in supporting women ultimately reverts to the community and is the best way to contribute to development,” they point out at the Café de las Sonrisas.

Fekat Circus School

2017 Ethiopia Fekat Circus

We have collaborated with the project Fekat Community Circus School that Fekat Circus develops in Addis Ababa, a circus school where 90 boys and girls train every day. Fekat Community Circus School is especially important for children with little formal education because it gives them confidence and teaches a series of skills that will be useful throughout their lives.

Hahatay is laughter from Gandiol

We collaborate with the creation of an audiovisual production company that will implement training and create employment for three young people from the community of Gandiol in Senegal.

Asociación Africadoolu: Art, Cultures, Oral Traditions

2017 Spain Africadoolu

We collaborate in the production of the “Cinema Africà i Dona Cycle” (CCAD) that will take place in Barcelona during the month of March 2019. This second edition will be based on resilience and resistance of African women.

Live, Love & Learn

We have collaborated with the Edget Baandnet Children Center Orphanage, providing the necessary funds to cover the medical expenses of the 27 children/adolescents of the Baandnet Children Center


2017 Ghana MusicXCHANGE

MUSICXCHANGE Ghana is a non-profit project that lives at the intersection of music, health and education. Its mission is to preserve traditional music and use music as a tool for positive change, providing free recording opportunities for Ghanaian artists and supporting community programs in music therapy and music education.

Association of Multiple Sclerosis, Castellón

2017 Spain AEMC

Last year the solidarity action promoted by Rototom Sunsplash through the system of reusable glasses helped to collect €12,000 that were donated to the Association of Multiple Sclerosis of Castellón for the maintenance of a van adapted for the transfer of its users.

Edjet Baandnet

2017 Ethiopia Edjet Baandnet

Bissap, a Senegalese tailor shop based in Valencia, and the designer Lidia Herrero are part of our first line of social merchandise. Part of the sales of their solidarity garments have helped the German NGO Edjet Baandnet (Growing Together), to continue developing its project in Ethiopia, where it guarantees a home, food, clothing and medicine to orphaned children.

Yakaar África

2017 Senegal Yakaar África

T-shirts designed exclusively by Yere Jeëkk (Murcia) for our festival as part of the social line of merchandise have had just that: a social purpose. Through their sale we have collaborated with the program against malnutrition developed by the NGO Yakaar Africa, through the creation of community gardens in Bandafassi and Dindefelo, two towns in Bassari Country (Senegal).

Cultivant Vida

2016 Gambia Cultivant Vida

We collaborate in the community projects run by this NGO, which is also the only one that works continuously in the Murithabé area, one of the most impoverished and lacking in medical care in Gambia, in the hope of improving the people’s living standards.

Psicólogos Sin Fronteras

We share their commitment to the development of a different yet possible world, without borders, where there is justice, freedom, equality and solidarity. We therefore support the work they are doing from Castellon to help people who have been evicted from their homes.

Smara Benicàssim

2016 Spain Smara Benicàssim

We support the work of this local organization to, each summer provide Sahrawi children living in the refugee camps with a Holiday in Peace and medical assistance.

Pallasos en Rebeldía

The Rototom Sunsplash has directly supported the work done by Pallasos en Rebeldía in the refugee camps of Lesbos, in Greece; as well as Calais and Dunkirk, in France, where they also carried out several protest actions against the migration policies of the European Union.


2016 Italy Emergency

We collaborate in the actions that this NGO has implemented and which always aim to aid the victims of war and violence. We have also supported the migrant rescue mission, which they are carrying out in the Mediterranean Sea, guaranteeing post rescue aid for refugees, with everything from medical aid to intercultural mediation.

Proactiva Open Arms

2016 Greece Proactiva Open Arms

We support the rescue work and vigilance of the NGO in the Central Mediterranean to prevent more deaths and shipwrecks of the refugees who come to Europe fleeing war, persecution or poverty, as well the aid they provide from the Greek coast in Lesbos.


Doctors without Borders

The Rototom Sunsplash supports the rescue and aid work carried out by Doctors without Borders with refugees, especially that done aboard the Dignity I. In 2016 alone they managed to rescue 20,000 people.

Cultivating Life

2015 Gambia Xavier Galindo

We directly support the project dedicated building wells and creation of vegetable gardens run by Cultivant Vida and Xavier Galindo in Gambia.

International Film Festival Sahara

2015 Algeria FiSahara

We sponsored the presence of Yslem, Son of the Desert, in the XII edition of FISAHARA and collaborated by participating in the festival.

Radio Studio in the Alpha Boys School

We financially support the crowdfunding of Alpha Boys’ School to set up and equip a radio studio in the school.

Rigoberta Menchú Tum Foundation

2013 Guatemala Rigoberta Menchú

We collaborate in maintaining the activity of Rigoberta Menchú as an ambassador of Peace and defender of Human Rights.

Alpha Boys School

We promoted a graphic design exhibition by Michael Thompson in the Rototom Sunsplash, the funds collected were donated to the Alpha Boys school in Jamaica.

Rehearsal studio in L’Aquila

We finance, together with Bunny Wailer, the reconstruction of the Dabadud recording studio., destroyed by the earthquake that devastated the Abruzzo area.

Salam Centre for Heart Surgery

2008 Sudan Emergency

We provided funding for the construction of the Salam Centre, hear surgery unit in Khartoum (Sudan) directed by the Italian NGO Emergency.

Family Agricultural School

2007 Brazil Oikos

We collaborate financially the Italian NGO ONLUS to facilitate the economic independence of the Family Agricultural School in Goias (Brazil).


2007 Mozambique Time for Africa

We help to strengthen human and natural resources in Matutine (Mozambique) by supporting the construction of a professional training centre.

Made in Jail

We support the socio-labor training projects and screen printing programs set up by Made in Jail in different Italian prisons.

Wolisso Project

2006 Ethiopia SISM

We collaborate with the Italian NGO SISM to improve the conditions for mothers and new borns in the obstetric unit of the Hospital Saint Luke (Ethiopia).

Poverty knows no nationality

2005 Kenya Ass. Karibu Afrika

We support the educational and agricultural activities of the project run by the Italian association Karibú Afrika in Mathare (Kenya).

Oasis Centre

2005 Burkina Faso Ass. Oasis Enzo Missoni

We provide funding for the Oasis Centre, run by the Italian Enzo Missoni in Burkina Faso, that treats children, orphans and people in need.

Home for street children

2005 India Ass. Mancikalalu

We have funded the creation of centre for street children in India run by the NGO Italian Mancikalalu.

Canoa Criança Circus School

We participated directly in the creation of the Circus Theatre School in Canoa Quebrada, Ceara, Brazil.

Another world is possible. And we want to build it with you