There are no limits when you have a goal: try it.

Adults have filled MagicoMundo  this afternoon, the childrens corner of festival. Why?, the day of participation, experience and reflection on education organized by entities and thela Asociación ASSEX t  and la catalana SEER (Salud y Educación de la Emoción y la Razón)o discuss issues such as sexual and emotional education during  the childhood and adolescence and the role of… Details

Feel the experience upisde down.

How does it feel to see the world that sorrounds us while we hung upside down . It is the simple lesson that every day the members of the company Circo Diverso teach the many people who come to the RototomCircui t  to test what happens if we change momentally the perspective on a trapeze or clinging to… Details

They are also Rototom Sunsplash

The Living Energy area becomes a theater. Although is not just any representation, it is the theater of the oppressed. The company from Villa Real, Cultura Crítica, deals with gender violence in “Donat”. A group of actors comes on stage to represent the story of Maria, a young girl with dreams who knows Alberto, who seems… Details