Rototom Sunsplash receives the Africa Peace Award

Mussie Hailu (peace activist, regional director of the URI for Africa and a representative of the URI for the African Union and the office of the UN) hands over the prize, following the showing of the documentary “25 years walking together”, to Filippo Giunta (Director of Rototom) y Sabrina Trovant (Artistic Director). It recognises the festival for being a supporter or peace and coexistence Details

Sonia Guajajara: “At Rototom Sunsplash people come to change attitudes”

The indigenous Brazilian activist Sonia Guajajara featured in the debate ‘Land and dignity’ in the Social Forum, which looked at the importance of the discourse in the fight for the environment. “At Rototom Sunsplash people come to change attitudes”, she said, while she was “really happy” to be at the festival and which is “tackling this issue of defending planet Earth”. Details