Discover the vegan side of cooking

Nourishing ourselves in a healthy manner without including meat products in our diet is one of the gastronomic options on offer this year in the festival venue. The AreteSano market area will have a special vegan stand. Among their dishes the public can find vegan chorizos in cider with sautéed onions carrot vegenaise, vegan sausages… Details

The Living Energy area presents its programme

Harmonizes your body and mind. Come to the festival and enjoy activities like free yoga sessions with the professionals of Yogi Tea, the official partner for the area, that will be offered daily. You can also attend bio-dance, acroyoga –new this year-, capoeira, laughter therapy, meditation and didjeridoo classes, or live music and many more activities.… Details

The restaurant area of Rototom Sunsplash extends its Babel of flavours with typical Oriental, Ethiopian, South American, Nomad, French and Mediterranean recipes.

Travel the five continents without leaving the venue, guided solely by our palate that is what is on offer in the restaurant area of Rototom Sunsplash, that this year boasts a zone full of new features, to keep surprising visitors. Among the broad range of dishes that the public can taste from August 15 to… Details

The Singer Amparo Sánchez, the judge Mercedes Boronat and the journalist Llum Quiñonero will discuss violence against women in the Social Forum

To address real current problems like the scourge of violence against women, from a different multidisciplinary perspective, is one of the objectives of this year’s Social Forum at Rototom Sunsplash. The singer, composer, musician, producer and writer Amparo Sánchez, became known musically for her project Amparanoia; the Judge of the Superior Social Courts of Valencia,… Details